We believe that a school uniform provides a sense of pride and community identity for our international student community as we endeavour to welcome students from a wide variety of countries and provide them with a true sense of belonging. Our school uniform is very important to us in order to promote a safe and positive learning environment consistent with the mission and governing values of the school which keeps up with global standards in education, whose features include a defined dress code at school.

All students should wear a uniform to create a sense of community and support positive behaviour at school. Parents are expected to support the uniform policy by ensuring their children are dressed and ready for school. Parents will be notified in advance of any non-uniform days.

  • For boys (Years 1 to 13): t-shirt, trousers, polo with long and short sleeved, blouse or cardigan, sports suit
  • For girls (Years 1 to 13): t-shirt, skirt, polo with long and short sleeved, blouse or cardigan, sports suit
  • Pre-school Parents (Nursery – Reception):  uniform for Pre-school students is optional


How to buy the uniforms

All uniforms are for sale and sales are made by a trusted third party company on behalf of Thames British School.

Uniforms and a number of branded items can be purchased from our shop.


Please note that once purchased, uniforms can be collected from the school campus.

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