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The Thames British School is a British School in Warsaw, providing its pupils with the highest level of education as well as wide opportunities for personal development. Due to that fact our students are ready to face the challenges of the 21st century and gain further education, also abroad. We create an international community, employ ambitious, highly qualified teachers, ensure a friendly atmosphere and classrooms equipped in a modern way. We are not only a British school, contributing to a thorough education in accordance with the standards of the National Curriculum for England, but above all we create a friendly atmosphere for developing passions and overcoming own limits.

We approach each child individually.

Teaching and developing children is our passion.

Our priority is the highest quality of education and children's comfort.

Open and Welcoming Community


New and Excellent Facilities


Native-Level English Speaking Teachers


Age Range 2.5–18


Language of Instruction: English


Day School – 5 Days a Week


Modern and Spacious Classrooms


Early Years Foundation Stage to IB program


About 500 Students. More Than 45 Nationalities


Languages Taught: English, Polish, Spanish, Chinese


Our teachers are highly experienced and educated native-speakers to assure students the highest level of education. Our staff has got postgraduate studies certificates and Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Each of our teachers has also teaching experience gained in a British school – either in the UK or in another establishment within an UK – educational system. We employ ambitious, talented, full of energy and enthusiasm people with a passion for teaching.

It is essential for our teachers not only to provide students with the best quality education but also development of our students, preparing them to change the world for the better. Our mission is to equip children with knowledge and skills tailored for 21st century needs. Our teachers guarantee safe environment for developing critical thinking, building up self-confidence, perseverance and respect. Our experienced staff at the Thames British School conducts classes in English and follows the British curriculum from Early Years Foundation Stage to the IB program (International Baccalaureate).

We are an international school in Warsaw, which employs teachers by vocation. Our teachers take an individual approach to each pupil in order to match in an optimal way the education with talents and interests of our students. We support our students in pursuing their goals, developing their passions and taking up challenges.

Our school is a place that encourages both having fun and learning, shapes the character, it is also a space for pursuing students’ passions and achieving their goals. We have modern, spacious and well – equipped classrooms. The Thames British School is a British school that not only focuses on broadening children’s knowledge and developing their skills, but also showing them the great value of the international community around our school.

Our British school in Warsaw provides the highest quality education in accordance with the National Curriculum for England, the British core curriculum used in English and Welsh schools. It consists of a variety of contents and skills which are provided to students at different stages to ensure them a comprehensive education. The National Curriculum for England guarantees continuity of the programme at all stages of education and its guidelines allow monitoring students’ progress. Our individual approach to education as well as highly qualified native speakers create perfect conditions for full language immersion for each of our students, regardless of their initial knowledge of English.

We educate our students in a spirit of openness, encouraging to take up new challenges and supporting in achieving their goals. It is of great importance for us to teach students how to analyse contents in a critical way and be ready for facing new activities and having perseverance and a fighting spirit in realizing their activities. We provide our pupils with a secure and friendly atmosphere for learning as well as having fun. In our international school in Warsaw we take an individual approach to each pupil, paying as much as attention as it is needed in order to develop his or her full potential.

Parents of our students constitute an integral part of the school life and we encourage them to create an open and committed community concentrated around our British school in Warsaw. Building up a mutual platform for partnership and cooperation between students, their parents and the school is a key objective for all of us. We believe that acting this way we provide our pupils with the full support in the whole educational process. Apart from parents’ meetings and special performances, every semester we organize additional events to involve parents and wider community into activities of our school.

The international community around the Thames British School is the reason for our pride and the opportunity to develop an open and friendly climate for learning. A multicultural, open environment together with a familiar atmosphere allows us to appreciate diversity and mutual education. The Thames British School community in Warsaw is a source of numerous great opportunities for cooperation of which we could be proud.

News & Announcements:


Thames British School has Adapted to New Covid-19 Regulations

Following the Polish Prime Minister's announcement on further restrictions in schools on Friday, October 23rd, our Year 5 and subsquent classes switched over to online learning. Since we have already had invaluable experience during the lockdown in March and have been...

High School Basketball tournament

Our annual High School Basketball tournament gathered 6 teams on 5th October 2020. A crowd of fans cheered from the benches in and around the basketball court, swaying to the rap music Coach Tomek played from the speakers. The IB1 team kept scoring in every match,...

This month we welcomed our new librarian, Ms. Alicja Dmowska.

Ms. Alicja has been an English teacher for many years and also has had the  wonderful experience of writing and editing dictionaries for children and youth. She later began her doctorate in linguistics.   " My Master's in History of Art turned out to be very...