Which curriculum does your school follow?

We deliver international education by meeting the Cambridge Programme objectives and at the same time are fully accredited by the local authorities and respect Polish educational requirements.

What accreditations do you have?

We are fully accredited as a Cambridge International School and by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IB DP).

Which language do you teach in?

All lessons are taught in English, (except for Polish language and History lessons for Polish citizens). As a second language: Polish, Spanish, German, Chinese.

What is the earliest age at which you accept children for preschool?

Children that are 2,5 years of age may apply to a pre-Nursery group on the condition that they are potty-trained.

What is the level of English required for a child to obtain a place in the school?

For children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception), previous knowledge of English is not required. From Year 1 onwards, we conduct an interview with your child in English. From Year 3 to Year 9, we test the level of English (oral and written) prior to the child´s acceptance in the school to make sure that the child will be comfortable in their class. From Year 10 onwards the student must demonstrate a minimum intermediate level knowledge of English by passing online tests.

My child does not speak English? Is it a problem? How are you going to work with my child?

We have children join our school with different English language abilities. We ensure that both our class teacher and teaching assistant makes the work that you’re your child will receive accessible as well as clearly demonstrating class routines that your child will follow. This makes the environment more comfortable for your child and therefore they can find it easier to enquire and engage themselves in English within the class.

How do you group children?   

By age, as is the case in the UK system. We provide differentiation through work set and teacher support in class so that children who find it difficult can achieve success and we provide extension activities to children who are more able within the topic.

What does integration within a class look like? 

We have set routines in place within the classroom. This makes it easier for teachers to ensure

Do you provide transportation? 

We work closely with a transportation agency who we recommend as they can provide transportation for your child. We can supply you with their details.

When can I enroll my child in your school? Can I enroll during the school year?  

We can enroll your child at any point during the academic year providing there is a place for them. You can enroll now to reserve the place. You will not be charged for enrolment time when the child has not started school.

Why are some classes combined?  How will it affect my child?

This is a common practice in smaller UK schools. The classes are combined by phases within a Key Stage. KS1 is Year 1 – 2; Lower KS2 is Year 3 – 4 and Upper KS2 is Years 5 – 6. The benefit for new children coming in is that they can work with the lower year group to ensure their foundations are firm as they get used to the expectations of the National Curriculum for England. For children who are progressing faster, they get the opportunity to work with the older group.

Please free to contact us if you have any other questions