Trial sessions at Thames British School offer you a first-hand experience of the school as well as the teachers that your child will see every day. They also ensure a smooth transition for your child so that they settle in well after integrating with their class.

Choosing the correct school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make. This is why comprehensive knowledge of the school, its practical teaching methods, curriculum and values is so important.  To this end, we encourage you and your child to visit us for a trial session in the classroom. This allows all concerned (including the teacher) to more accurately anticipate how the pupil will adjust to their new setting. It also provides you, the parent, a chance to experience what it means to belong to our school community.

What are the advantages of a trial session at school?

  • The child interacts with their peers and teachers in the class they might join.
  • The child begins to become familiar with the school timetable – break times, daily/weekly routines and events.
  • A perfect opportunity for parents to gain valuable information about the organisation by talking to teachers, the headteacher and the families of other students..
  • Teachers meet and get to know the visiting child and can share their observations with parents.

How long does the trial session last? 

The trial session can last between 1 or 2 school days and is completely free of charge.

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