Dear Parents!

Last Friday (24.02) our students celebrated Chinese New Year 2020 at both the Park Szczęśliwicki Campus and Piaseczno Campus.

The whole day was devoted to Chinese culture and even the decor in the classrooms and hallways really brought an authenticity to the whole day. There were red lamps hung everywhere and it really looked fantastic!

Firstly, the children made spring rolls (by themselves from vegetables and rice paper which was very healthy), then there was an amazing performance, which was again prepared by our children. This was with a huge dragon show and included a lot of the history of China.

Here is a small summary of this event:

Our kids had many activities throughout the entire day! The younger ones made paper heads with moving tongues. The older ones, a bit more through classes, also learned many interesting facts related to China.

The children felt really connected to Chinese traditions and culture and had a really great time!