Last week was a very special one for our school as we celebrated Polish Week with aplomb.

At Piaseczno Campus, students spent the week fully immersed in the vibrant and rich culture of Poland, expanding their knowledge about this beautiful country and deepening their cultural understanding through fun and engaging activities.

The artistic talents of the students were on full display as they crafted impressive artwork, including a detailed map of Poland, the national emblem and charming cotillions (decorative bows). Adding a touch of literary flair to the week, students recited poems, showcasing their deep appreciation for Polish culture.

The week continued with fun and interactive quizzes and games, and an exploration of Polish dishes and regional costumes, giving students a holistic and immersive experience into Poland’s rich heritage.

The Early Years Center in Park Campus kicked off the week with a cinema viewing of traditional Polish cartoons, where the young children, popcorn in hand, got acquainted with age-old favourites such as Rexio and Bolek i Lolek.

At Ochota Campus, Year 6 took advantage of Polish Week to support their learning through historical recounts. Students learned a text about Marie Curie, using actions to help them, and how to retell texts using technical vocabulary and the passive voice!

At Włochy Campus, students celebrated Polish Independence day on 9 and 10 November. Primary students crafted beautiful decorations and learned all about Polish Independence.

The older children took part in a quiz on Polish traditions, history and language, a great way to learn about the country whilst having fun! The main event was a charity food market, for which students made typical Polish dishes such as pierogi, barszcz, salads, and cheesecake. A delicious way to mark this very special week for the people of Poland!