The 2023/2024 school year has come to a close! To mark this special occasion, our students from preschool right up to high school took part in the traditional Thames British School end of year ceremonies, held on each campus.

And what truly memorable events there were! The weather was beautiful and sunny, the parents turned out in droves to support their children and celebrate this milestone in their childhood, and the children took full advantage of the opportunity to showcase their talent and maturity. 

Our students have shown incredible excitement and energy towards their learning this year, they have embraced new challenges with determination and perseverance, and they thoroughly deserve this time off to rest and have fun. Many have big plans for the holidays, and at the ceremonies they enjoyed talking all about them with their friends!

These events were also a chance for the children to thank their teachers for their dedication and hard work. From Mokotów to Ochota, Piaseczno to Włochy, they were showered with flowers and gifts from grateful students!

We wish you a wonderful summer break, and look forward to welcoming many of you back in September. Happy holidays everyone!