🏫 Wednesday, June 15th all of the students from LS participated in our first International Day Festival since the pandemic. Celebrations took place in the Włochy Campus Sports Hall. Each LS class chose a country to represent.

Each class was given a space in the Sports hall to set up a table presentation. Each table was skillfully decorated with culture specific items including food, decorations and information. During the festivities the students were given Passports.

They received stamps in their passports by going to the different country tables and answering questions. The first three students to answer all of the questions correctly were given a prize at the end of the festivities. In addition, judges were chosen to grade tables on specific criteria, including performances, which were delivered by each class.

As teachers we could not be more proud of the effort and positive energy shown at this event. It was evident the students, teachers and everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Class 7B emerged victorious and were judged as the OVERALL best class/country.

They represented Japan with a stunning table display, food and useful information displays. Led by their class teacher, Ms. Marta Kozmala-Kozłowska, Japan displayed excellence in every category of the judging, earning the class a party worth 350 zł.

As a part of the leadership core at Włochy Campus we would like to thank all of the hardworking, teacher, students and of course, parents for their devout participation and enthusiasm.

We hope that next year we can bring the International Day Celebration to its former glory from before the pandemic and go even bigger and better. 💗