On Friday, 28th of October Thames British School Warsaw network in Warsaw was celebrating a Halloween day! All of our 5 Campuses were involved in this event. Our all students (from the preschool to the IB Diploma’s age) were celebrating this time on their own way!

Park Szczesliwicki Campus had read the book ‘Ghost Afraid of the Dark’. Through reading, children discovered different features of Halloween characters. They also covered related vocabulary like Ghost, Dracula, Frank, Werewolf, Witch, Mummy, etc.  They sang Halloween songs and danced our hearts out.

Ochota (Wawelska) Campus had learned many Halloween words and songs. Their pumpkins helped them learning last week of October with different art activities, measuring activities, and experienments! It was so fun to dress up and participate in their school Halloween celebration!

Mokotow Campus children had been extremely excited to celebrate this day together. They found it so fun to dress up and found it very funny drawing and sharing spooky pictures in classes. In Maths, they had been working on our Addition and Subtraction topic, which they continued to work on.

Piaseczno Campus was also celebrating this day creatively! We had many competitions & art.  Activities. Some Years also organized a Halloween Film Festival in their classrooms.

Wlochy Campus students prepared a really awesome, fantastic & oryginal costumes for themselves & also celebrate this day properly!

It has been a day of creativity and compassion, competition and fun! We enjoyed it so much & everyone were in the good mood! 😉

We can’t wait for the next one Halloween in 2023! 😊