🗓️ On Wednesday, October 11, Year 5,6,7,8 and 9 students from the Thames British School 🏫  Włochy Campus debated the candidates for the position of Student Council President. 🗣️

📃 To kick off, the voters were reminded of the role and fundamental responsibilities of the Student Council as well as the role and desired attributes of the Student Council President. 🤴

📊 The debate comprised four stages. At the first stage, the moderators conveyed teacher questions to all the candidates. Following that, the candidates asked each other questions regarding their electoral platforms and their opinions on various school-related matters. 🪴

🗪 At the third stage of the debate, the chairs of the Class Councils asked questions on behalf of their classes. Finally, each candidate delivered a final statement to the voters. ✍🏻

🔥 After the debate, all the candidates put up electoral posters around the school with their photos, commitments to the voters, and campaign slogans. Some of them also visited their constituencies in classes, distributed fliers, and got involved in discussions with the voters, answering their questions directly. 🎤

🕒 On Friday, October 13, students from Year 5 to 9 participated in e-voting for their Student Council President. 👑