When choosing a school for your children, at whatever stage of their education, an important consideration is the language skills they will acquire and what this can mean for their future. Good knowledge and use of English will allow your child to travel across the world and find good employment at one of the leading corporations.


Here, at Thames British School Warsaw, we follow the British curriculum, fully immersing students in an English-speaking environment, day in and day out. English, like any second language, is important for children to learn as quickly as possible as it develops patience, broadens their horizons, and develops critical thinking and emotional skills. But what additional value does the English language specifically provide to its learners?


  1. English unlocks the doors to the world’s finest universities

Students graduate from the international school of Thames British School Warsaw with a level of English that unlocks the doors to world-class universities. Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and MIT are just a few of the renowned universities at the very top of the world education league that require candidates to be fluent in English.


Of course, after studying at one of these universities, students are prepared to start their careers in international and reputable workplaces. A CV with Cambridge or Harvard makes it easier for your child to get a good job and may also involve acquiring valuable professional contacts.


  1. English opens up access to over 60% of the internet

About 60%, or approximately 6 million, of the world’s 10 million most popular websites are written in English. Interestingly, the second most popular online language (Russian) accounts for only 6% of web content.


A good command of English allows students to access and use much more knowledge and intellectual resources. English also opens the door to establishing professional and private contacts around the world, which may translate into a more interesting social life and easier employment abroad.


  1. As the global language, English is essential for employment in multinational companies

Since English replaced French as the language of diplomacy after World War II, it has been recognised as the global language of business, commerce, science, medicine, aviation, computers and tourism ever since. This is true with many other key industries as well. Currently, there is no doubt that studying at the renowned international school of Thames British School Warsaw enables easier development in these areas.


After completing the British curriculum, many graduates of Thames British School Warsaw take up jobs in international companies, which makes it even easier to further improve the level of English with which graduates leave the walls of Thames British School Warsaw.


  1. English gives access to a wonderful world of entertainment

Many award-winning movies, best-selling books and popular music are published and produced in English. Some are, of course, translated into Polish, but not all of them.


By learning English, students gain a better understanding of the different cultures that underlie the language and can fully immerse themselves in the richness of the global English language media and entertainment landscape.


The four reasons we discussed in this article are enough for you to consider sending your child to an international primary school as a good alternative to Polish public schools. If you are considering sending your child to an international school, see what learning English is like at Thames British School Warsaw.


Learn English at Thames British School Warsaw!

At Thames British School Warsaw, we fully understand that English may not be all of our students’ native language (although our school offers an international educational environment, many students speak Polish as their first language). That’s why we carefully monitor and develop their language skills and competencies while creating an engaging and rewarding educational program that closely follows the British curriculum. Thanks to this approach, our students become fluent users of English in a very short time, and they leave our school with a fluent command of English at the C1 level.


We strive to provide our students, regardless of their origin, nationality or age, with a vibrant, creative learning environment that encourages their development and stimulates their curiosity and interests. Click here to learn more about our international school in Warsaw and discover the exciting possibilities that await your child in the future!