Main teachers

Katie Street

Cambridge Primary programme coordinator

BA Psychology & US Studies, Liverpool University;
CELTA, Cambridge;
PGCE, University of East Anglia; MEd, Open University

Professional background:
I began my experiences in formal teaching as a teacher of English as a Foriegn Language in South Korea, where I was part of a team establishing a new language school. My subsequent EFL experiences took me to Thailand, Poland, Italy and Mongolia. During that time, I taught a variety of ages for a range of purposes, including tourism, industry and exam preparation.

I extended my training to enable me to teach Primary children and completed my induction in a small town in Norfolk, UK. I took my learning and experience to lead a teacher development and training programme focusing on implementing active learning techniques in Ethiopia.

I taught in international schools in Romania, Germany and Egypt before returning to Poland to teach at the British School. In September 2019 I led the team that opened Thames’ Piaseczno campus. Following the successes with the implementation of the curriculum in Piaseczno, I transferred to Wawelska as Head of Primary Curriculum.

About me:
I enjoy exploring my world through a range of interests. I enjoy cycling in and around Warsaw and swim a few times a week. I love experimenting with colours and materials and enjoy painting and making clothes. I also enjoy playing games such as carom, backgammon and scrabble. The world is full of learning opportunities and I have enjoyed a range of free courses offered online.

My teaching philosophy:
I believe enjoyment is central to learning and I provide a range of activities for children to explore their ideas. I see my role as a teacher as facilitating opportunities for children to express what they want to find out, how to find the answers to their questions and to compare answers to draw their own conclusions. I value mistakes as golden opportunities for learning. I encourage children to question their own assumptions and try to understand the reasons for perspectives that differ from our own. I believe that communication and collaboration are essential life skills and lead to success for both the group and the individual.

Christian Rosser

Position Year 5 Teacher

Bachelor of Arts in Education with Qualified Teacher Status (Honours)

Professional background:
Teaching has always been my professional passion. I qualified as a teacher at Bath Spa University College in the UK, specialising in infant education. I continued teaching in the UK for 12 years, primarily teaching Year 1 and 2 children. Moving to Poland 9 years ago provided me with my first opportunity to teach infant children in an international setting, and a great opportunity it turned out to be. Entering my 22nd year of teaching I am excited to be part of the Thames British School community moving forward.

About me
Having grown up in Wales, rugby has always been a passion of mine. Although I no longer play, I still enjoying watching and supporting my home nation. When I am not in the classroom, I can often be found playing pool with my family and friends, relaxing on a cycle ride and enjoying some of the wonderful towns and cities around Poland.

My teaching philosophy
When I think about my role as a teacher, the one thing that I have always focused on is the relationships that I have built with my students. I enjoy talking with them on subjects and issues that are important to them, and learn how they are feeling about and experiencing the world and what we are learning in class. I want my own classroom to be less of a class and more of a community, where we are all sharing ideas and communicating and learning from one another at the same time.

Gary Lycett

Primary Teacher

Creative Writing, Leeds University
CELTA, Cambridge University
CELTYL, Cambridge University
PGCE, Nottingham University
Currently studying MA Education and Management, Wrexham University

Professional background:
My first experience in teaching began in Leeds after having obtained a Creative Writing degree from Leeds University. It was voluntary and it involved teaching asylum seekers elementary English so that they could build up the confidence to use it in their everyday lives. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, but I especially valued how they were able to express their cultural backgrounds to me with the English I had taught them.

This motivated me into gaining a CELTA which allowed me to teach in language schools around the world. I chose to teach in Taiwan and then on from there to Spain. I’ve been in Warsaw for over ten years now, and I have taught in language schools and international schools and I continually strive to improve myself as a teacher which is why I am currently studying an MA in Education and Management.

About me:
In my spare time, I like to watch classic and modern British sitcoms and I’m a big fan of satirical shows such as ‘Have I Got News for You’. I’ve also started to rediscover poetry and I spend time reading the works of many poets on the commute to and from work. I still like to flex my Creative Writing muscles on occasion and write plays, short stories and the odd humorous musing on life.

My teaching philosophy:
As a teacher, I believe that pupils gain deeper understanding through application. Even when observing my first students whom I taught many years ago, applying their knowledge to real world situations, I could see how they could grasp the intricacies of their learning through practical applications. That is why I value the fact that involving every child within the classroom gives them the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the work they do in lessons and how that can transfer itself into their personal life.

Agnieszka Makulska

Year 2 Class teacher

BA-Hons English Language & Literature with QTS - University of Central England in Birmingham, United Kingdom, with one year ERASMUS programme at Leopold Franzens Universitat, Innsbruck, Austria
Post Graduate Certificate in Education - Primary (PGCE with QTS) – University Of East London, United Kingdom

Professional background:
In 2005 I started my teaching career at Benthal Primary School, London. Leaving behind a successful career in the city, I had worked both in advertising, working freelance producing commercials, and for dot com start-ups as a customer service manager/marketing assistant. I was looking for something more fulfilling and I certainly found it. In fact, I found something altogether more challenging that has kept me happy and busy right up to the present day. I have grown immensely over that period and am happy to say that the message I convey to children “you never stop learning” is just as true for us as adults as it is for children. I believe it’s what keeps me on my toes and always looking out for ways to improve.

About me:
I really enjoy cooking (and eating) and have also worked as a food stylist. Did you know that many of the foods you see in magazines are not edible? For instance, most ice creams are actually mashed potatoes mixed with food coloring! I also have a keen interest in Politics and have done a speech for the Teachers’ Union in front of over 3000 people. Quite terrifying but a great experience and very uplifting.

My teaching philosophy:
I have a high standard and expectation of the learning environment in my own classroom, ensuring it is first and foremost for the children and is an example of good cross-curricular practice.
I am committed to working towards child-centered creative environments that produce improved results and happy children that want to discover the world for themselves and by themselves, with a little support from us, staff, and parents, when we work together we get the best results.

Ewa Syta

Early Childhood Education teacher (English)

B.A. in History
Masters of Science in Teaching (M.S.T.) in teaching General and Exceptional Adolescent Students, Social Studies, NYS Professional Certification
Masters in Science in Teaching (M.S.T.) in Childhood and Special Education, NYS Professional Certification

Professional Background:
I earned my degrees at Fordham University in New York City. I have been teaching for seven years in various settings including co-teaching, and working with students of diverse backgrounds. I have worked in private and public schools in New York City. I have also worked with various age groups, from grade 0 up to grade 11. I have taught Childhood Education, Special Education, English Literature, Ancient Civilizations and United States History. I also have experience in teaching Polish-English Dual Language Program.

About Me:
I love to try out new things and master new skills; currently, it is cooking and gardening. Other interests include history, art history, plants and karaoke singing. I love to regularly exercise to stay fit and healthy.

Educational Philosophy:
I believe that each student is a unique individual and that everyone learns in different ways and at different paces. I based my instruction on the strengths, preferences and needs of my students and build on their individual strengths. I believe that the main goal in education is to help a child to discover who he or she already is and help him or her become a confident, independent and successful adult who will lead a happy life as well as who will contribute positively to their communities.

David Blakemore

Academic Head - Piaseczno Campus

BA (Hons) Cultural Studies
Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE/QTS)

Professional background:
My life as a teacher began in 2003, in the UK, where I spent my first four years teaching at an inner-city primary school in Leeds. I then went on to work for a period of time in public schools in New-Zealand (Auckland and Wellington) before eventually finding my international teaching feet at The British School of Beijing. Prior to my arrival at Thames, I spent five enjoyable years working at a small-scale international academy in Shenzhen (China). During this time, I transitioned from the role of class teacher and became the principal of the school.
In my dual-role, as both Academic Head and Year 3/4 Teacher, I am looking forward to drawing on the wealth of inspiration which my work experience has given me, and adapting to this new and exciting situation at our Piaseczno campus.

About me:
I live in Warsaw with my wife and two young children. We are no strangers to Poland, and have visited Warsaw on an annual basis for the last five years. I now look forward to getting to know the city better, and to exploring parts of Poland as yet unseen, as well as visiting some of our European neighbours.
In my spare time, I enjoy making music using various electronic gadgets, reading science-fiction, fantasy and the occasional thriller, and studying Mandarin Chinese. I also like to play the ukulele, with or without an audience.

Teaching philosophy:
Life is a learning journey. My role as an educator is to serve as a guide, whilst providing students with the necessary tools to allow them to navigate their own way as confident, independent and inspired learners. A school is like an eco-system (a river of learning!), in which we all have our part to play, and in doing so, we affect the whole. No action, success or moment of understanding could be considered so minor as to be insignificant.

Anthony Rusecki

Head of Secondary

MSc in Interactive Multimedia
Postgraduate Diploma Computer Design,
BEng in Engineering Science

Professional background:
I had several careers in IT before going into teaching. Prior to my teaching career I did an intensive advanced Maths course. I then joined a large secondary school in West London, where I worked for several years, teaching up to A Level. Due to a shortage of staff, I was also asked to teach ICT and Computer Science, because of my computing background. I found that by linking the two, students developed their thinking and problem solving skills - something I am keen on bringing to Thames British School.
My teaching philosophy is that teaching should not remain only in the classroom but should drawn from and applied to the world around us. For this reason I like to bring real life examples to my lessons and encourage students to learn. While I am a teacher myself, I always like to learn new things and challenge myself, and I hope to instil this desire in my students.

Natalia Magiera

Head of EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)

MA Philosophy, Postgraduate Teaching Studies (PGCE/QTS),
Early Years Teacher Status (EYTS), Diploma in Child Care

Professional background:
My teaching journey began over a decade ago in one of the top independent schools in London. I worked in Hyde Park School which then became a part of Eaton Square School. First as a TA then two years later I took an Early Years Teacher position. I also had an opportunity to teach Y1 and Y2 classes. After completing my second postgraduate study (EYTS) I became an Early Years Coordinator and a Deputy Head of Hyde Park School (Eaton Square School). In 2018 I was offered a Head of Early Years position and I had a pleasure and a privilege to run the school for a year. It was a great challenge and a fantastic experience to me but when a year later in 2019, Thames British School in Warsaw called out for me, I decided to try something new. I left London to enrich my experience and to get on with a new adventure of creating a school. Our school – the best place to be!

Liliana Schmidt

Spanish teacher (All groups)

Translator and Interpreter studies in Lima, Peru
Master of education at Framingham State College - degree programme for teachers in American schools overseas.

Professional background:
My first experience was in Germany teaching Spanish at a private school. It was a challenge for me and it motivated me to continue my studies.
When I came to Poland I obtained my master of education and I started to work as Spanish teacher in kindergarten, primary, secondary and IB programme at different international schools in Warsaw. I enjoy living in Warsaw, especially because I realized that I love teaching and it motivates me to improve myself.

About me:
In my free time I like to read, to cook, to listen music, to ride bicycle, to dance and travel with my lovely husband. I like to know different cultures and I enjoy tasting new food.

Teaching philosophy:
I think that every student has the right of a good education in a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. It is my desire to create this type of atmosphere where students can develop their full potential. I will provide a safe environment where students are invited to share their ideas and have fun learning Spanish.
I am very happy to be part of the Thames British school because every teacher is engaged, collaborative and we work in a good team together.

Agnieszka Możdżeń

Nursery / Reception Class Teacher

BA of Pedagogy of Resocialization with prevention in addictions, MA of Pedagogy in the Field of Care and Therapy

Professional background:
In 2016 I gained my degree in Pedagogy in the Field of Care and Therapy at the University of Łódź, and decided to move to the USA, where I was working with children in age 0-14, as an Au Pair. During this time, I was improving my English at the Columbus State Community College and taking Art and Photography courses at the Columbus College of Art and Design.

After two successful years in the USA, I moved to the UK, where I worked as a senior childcare practitioner at an international nursery in Leeds. During this time, one of my duties was cooperation with the Leeds Art Gallery, where I had a pleasure to work with many talented teachers and artists.
This year I’ll be teaching in the Nursery and Reception class. I believe Thames British School is a magnificent opportunity, not only for children but also for teachers and I’m really happy to be part of this project!

About me:
I’m a very happy and open-minded person. I love music and art, I spend a lot of time working on my abstract paintings. I greatly appreciate time spent with my family and friends, and enjoy the opportunity to cook for them and orgainize weekend trips, where we hike, ride bikes, dance bachata and salsa, and spend long hours chatting and singing by the light of campfire. I enjoy learning about cultures from around the world, new flavors and languages. On my wish-list is to begin studying Spanish and Italian.

Teaching philosophy:
I believe all children are different and we have to look at them in an individual way. Every child deserves access to a good education. Creating a positive learning environment and being open to children’s needs and ideas is really important, in order to create an atmosphere where students can really develop their full potential.

Joseph Plass

Cambridge Lower Secondary programme and IGCSE (International General Cambridge Certificate of Secondary Education) coordinator

BA English and Education with Honours, University of Sussex
Post Graduate Certificate in Education
iGCSE Examiner Certificate

Professional background:
I contribute to the development of the school through the full implementation of the Cambridge Curriculum, and am very confident that your child will benefit greatly from this program. I am also excited to teach English - it’s truly when I am at my happiest!
I have spent my whole adult life working passionately and diligently to improve and achieve satisfactory outcomes for young people: managing a residential home for children with special needs, a therapeutic home for those with chronic emotional and behavioural difficulties, a referral unit within a secondary school, and, for the last ten years, very enjoyable experiences within the secondary school system. I have also volunteered, throughout my time in Africa, in an informal capacity, at an orphanage within Kawangware - a slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

Robert Hodgdon

Coordinator of IB DP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme)

BS English with Honors, University of Southern Maine
MA Teaching School for International Training
Teaching Certification in Maine and Vermont in English Language and Literature; ESL
IELTS Speaking Examiner
Post graduate certificate in IB Teaching and Learning
IB Leading the Learning Certificate

Professional background:
Robert holds a Master’s in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from the School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont, U.S.A. He holds teaching licenses in both language and literature as well as ESL/EFL and the International Baccalaureate Certificate in Teaching and Learning from Bethel University. He also holds a BA in English with Honors from the University of Maine.
Robert has lived and worked in Japan, the Czech Republic, Germany, the UAE and Poland. In the Middle East, he was a course designer, instructor and Faculty Fellow in the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at the United Arab Emirates University. He is a certified examiner for a respected high-stakes international English exam. He has designed and conducted trainings for a wide range of companies and institutions in both government and private education organizations throughout Europe.

The IB curriculum is a holistic approach to learning and teaching. Its foundational philosophy, that education should nurture international awareness in learners by developing personality traits and habits of mind in order to build a better world for all of us is inspirational and practical.

Using these tenets as a framework around which to build learning experiences, our teachers and learners pursue intellectual excellence by acquiring subject area knowledge, while at the same time creating a personal approach to life that is rooted in a genuine belief in the potential of individuals and societies to realize their full potential as an integrated, sustainable and just whole.

As IB Coordinator, I am here to listen to families’ concerns, clarify questions, and be a friend in the journey through the IBDP Programme.

Earlene Clarke Abbey

Head of Curriculum Park Szczęślwicki Campus

Master of Education (M.Ed.) with specialisation in Curriculum and Instruction. American College of Education.
Post-Graduate Studies in Education, Primary School. University of Sunderland, UK

Professional background:
I have had the pleasure of teaching children for over a decade. My teaching journey began in 2006 in Shanghai at the British International school. Several years later, I taught at Singapore International School as a Literacy Teacher for Early Years Division. After six years of working there, I took a post at Harrow International School, in Shanghai, where I taught Early Years, Year 1 and became Key Stage One Coordinator.
I am looking forward to calling Warsaw home and continuing my teaching at Thames British School. My children and I live an active lifestyle. Our adventures include hiking and camping on the Great Wall, bike riding and participating in sports such as football, track and basketball.

About me:
My children and I live an active lifestyle. Our adventures include hiking and camping on the Great Wall, bike riding and participating in sports such as football, track and basketball. We enjoy travelling and are fascinated about different cultures and languages. One of the languages we speak is Mandarin; although much more difficult to grasp, we are looking forward to learning Polish. We also play a variety of musical instruments and occasionally have a jam session.

My teaching philosophy:
A belief that guides me in teaching is the ability to understand and care about each individual child. Understanding the individual learning needs creates an environment where children feel accepted because their learning needs are met, which will further their academic growth and success. Teaching strategies incorporated in an accepting learning environment are differentiation, collaborative learning, and inquiry-based learning. This invites a child to participate in activities, make their own choices and a willingness to express their creativity. I am honoured to contribute this philosophy at Thames British School Warsaw, knowing students are understood and cared for.

Matthew Eborne

Year 1 class teacher

BoE (Hons) Primary with English specialism Professional background.

Professional Background:
In 2017, I successfully completed the BEd Primary Education degree at the University of Plymouth where I specialised in English teaching. Since this time, I have delighted in taking effective whole class responsibility as a supply teacher in the South West of England. In this role I forged a broad ability to deliver rewarding learning experiences and I secured a reputation as an adaptive, caring and hard working teacher.
I have greatly enjoyed teaching at Thames British School throughout the previous academic year. Teaching in Warsaw has allowed me to further build upon my university studies and supply practice and advance my professional skills. My understanding and experience of; implementing the UK’s National Curriculum within an international school setting; supporting the learning of EAL pupils; and my behaviour and classroom management practice have all grown significantly.

About me:
I am a professional, multi-talented individual who approaches each day with a positive and motivational attitude. Aspiring to help others and the joy of working with children form the bedrock of my teaching journey.

Teaching philosophy:
My teaching ethos encourages every child to take ownership of their own learning through cultivation of critical thinking and exploration. To achieve this, I believe the classroom environment must be an inclusive one which embraces each person’s needs while encouraging the highest expectations. As a trained literacy specialist, I am passionate about applying creative writing, storytelling and drama into my lessons. Such elements entice different viewpoints within a story and inspire children to ask more meaningful questions. This supports deeper understanding of texts and results in richer writing output. For me, the most rewarding aspect of teaching is working alongside the children. I enjoy applying my personal interests of English, history, technology, space and music into my lessons.

Romana Solovan

Pre-Nursery/Nursery class teacher

Preschool and Early childhood education postgraduate degree
Sensory integration postgraduate degree Postgraduate teachers training degree
UCLA certified Early Childhood Education teacher

Professional background:
After several years working as a domestic childcare provider, I decided to move to the United States of America, where I had a chance to pursue my passion in education. I have spent two years working with children, ages 0-7, as an Au Pair. Along with extra tutoring, I began my Early Childhood Education course.
The move back to Poland gave me an opportunity to work in one of the IB preschools here in Warsaw. At first as an assistant, later on as a co-teacher and common room supervisor. I had a chance to work closely with teachers in developing a safe environment for children to grow and develop at their fullest capacity.
Thames British School of Warsaw has a lot to offer not only to students, but teachers as well. It is such a pleasure working in an environment full of possibilities for professional and personal growth, hence this year will be my third year with Thames British School. Having completed an intense three postgraduate programmes I am extremely excited to embark upon another year with Pre-nursery/Nursery class.

About me:
As my dearest friends would say, “Fun, inspiring and joyous human being!” I love living a healthy lifestyle, exercising, reading, dancing, cooking and writing. Also, I have been trying to master playing piano. I believe that in every life situation, we can learn a great deal of lessons that can lead us, as human beings, towards a better life. With my own example, I want to inspire people to be happier, friendlier and kinder towards one another. An interesting fact about me is that I love learning languages.

My teaching philosophy:
I am a strong believer that children can learn so much more with the right approach. Using language that inspires, gives children courage to do more. The right language makes children feel loved, and what is more important, raises their self-esteem. Thus, making a huge difference in their performance, both academic and developmental. Helping children in becoming responsible, kind and caring adults is my goal.

Supporting teachers

Agnieszka Pylińska

English and Ethics Teacher, Common Room Teacher

Masters degree in special education from Academy of Special Education in Warsaw: Special Education and Early Intervention for child’s development , British Council English Course - certificated English Teacher, Certified Montessori Teacher,, Appointed Teacher (by MEN)

Professional Background:
In the beginning of my career I had been working as a therapist of disabled children, mostly on the autism spectrum. I completed the first degree of Sensorial Integration course as well as Montessori early education course. Afterwards, I had a possibility to work as a Montessori Teacher in International Preschool, getting familiarized with multiple cultures. Also, I have experience in leading the extra English classes:Active English and Sensorial workshops. Currently, I have been working in Thames (previous Meridian) British school as English and Class Teacher since 2017. Apart from that, I lead my additional project of “Emotiolandia”. The general goal and concept of this project is to support children and their families in their balanced growth.

About me:
I am a person who definitely has a positive approach towards life and other people. The point of my life is to work with a passion. I always try to focus on the bright side of every situation. Also, I am a highly active person: I love bike riding, gym and mountains climbing as well as music, writing and reading.

My teaching philosophy:
I love teaching. I think I could say that to teach is like to touch life forever. If I had to choose, I would describe my philosophy with these two sentences: “Do your best and forget the rest” and “Happiness is a choice”.

Katarzyna Macias

Early Childhood Education teacher (Polish)

MA degree: Early Childhood Education at the Academy of Special Education in Warsaw,
Montessori Teacher (age group 2,5-6 years) at the Polish Montessori Institute,
CAE in English

Professional Background:
My teaching journey started about 13 years ago, first as a preschool teacher in Dublin, Ireland. After 2 years there, I came back to Warsaw to teach in a couple of preschools in Warsaw, where in one of them I fell in love with the Montessori approach. This led me to take a Montessori course which made me a certified teacher. After a few years, I decided to move on to a primary school level and this is where I feel the happiest to be. I have been teaching Math and Science based on a Cambridge Programme for grades 1-3 at Meridian International School in Warsaw. While teaching there, I was also happy to achieve a teacher’s professional promotion degree: “contractual” title. Now, I am very thrilled to join the Thames British School Team.

About me:
I am an energetic and active person with a positive attitude. I like to do sports like running, swimming, walking my dog as well as cooking for my family and friends. I am a happy mum of two children and an owner of two pets: a dog and 2 cats.

My teaching philosophy:
Be a guide for the children rather than a knowing all teacher, providing students with opportunities to find their answers and develop their potential.

Agata Franczak

Pre-Nursery/Nursery support teacher PSL teacher (Year 1 and Reception) Music teacher (all groups)

English Philology with Teaching Specialisation, Catholic University of Lublin

Professional background:
I began my teaching career in 2013 when I started my studies in Lublin and did my teaching practice in primary schools. After two years break from teaching, while working as a children’s entertainer, I felt that I wanted to teach again. A new job opportunity came up in 2017 and I began teaching English through music in nurseries and preschools. This job taught me to adjust my classes to my students and understand their needs as I visited over 350 children in different locations each week.
However, I had to leave my life in Lublin and move to Warsaw. I knew I still wanted to work with children and music. That was when I stumbled upon an offer from Thames British School which fit my needs and hopes. I am happy to be here!

About me:
I think of myself as a happy person. I am full of energy and ideas. In my free time I usually bake, paint with watercolours or practise on my ukulele. However, 3 years ago I found out that I love... eating! This relationship has started with my first trip to Italy and remains strong to this day. Even though one can never have enough pizza and pasta, French cuisine is my favourite (butter and onions rule!). What is more, I am always curious about my surroundings so I enjoy exploring my neighbourhood on foot and finding hidden gems.

My teaching philosophy:
For me, teaching means being flexible and understanding. I have bad experience of being forced to think in a certain way and I don’t want to be this kind of teacher. I think that our job is to provide children with tools and space for learning, and guide them. To achieve that, teachers have to create a relationship with the children. Which is why I am always happy to get to know my students, talk to them about happy and not so happy feelings and respect their boundaries. I believe in power of words and healthy communication.
What is more, my previous job has taught me how important and helpful music and art is in expanding children’s knowledge and interest.

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