Main teachers

Katie Street

Head of School


Bachelor of Arts with Honors,
Master of Education,
PostGrad Certificate of Education with Qualified Teachers Status,
National Professional Qualification for Headteachers.

Embarking on her formal teaching journey as an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teacher in South Korea, she played a crucial role in establishing a new language school. Subsequently, her EFL experiences took her to Thailand, Poland, Italy, and Mongolia, where she taught diverse age groups for various purposes, including tourism, industry, and exam preparation.

Expanding her expertise to teach Primary children, she completed her induction in Norfolk, UK, and later initiated a teacher development and training program in Ethiopia, focusing on implementing active learning techniques.

Her international teaching ventures included roles in Romania, Germany, and Egypt, and she returned to Poland to teach at the British School. In September 2019, she led the team inaugurating Thames’ Piaseczno campus. Following the successful curriculum implementation in Piaseczno, she transitioned to Wawelska as the Head of Primary Curriculum.

In her personal pursuits, she explores the world through various interests, including cycling in and around Warsaw, regular swimming, experimenting with colours and materials through painting and clothes-making, and enjoying games like carom, backgammon, and Scrabble. Embracing a continuous learning mindset, she has taken advantage of numerous free online courses.

Her teaching philosophy centres on the belief that enjoyment is fundamental to learning. As a facilitator, she provides diverse activities for children to explore their ideas, encouraging curiosity, expression, finding answers, and drawing conclusions. Valuing mistakes as opportunities for learning, she fosters a culture of questioning assumptions and understanding diverse perspectives. Emphasising communication and collaboration as essential life skills, she sees them as pathways to success for both the group and the individual.

Gary Lycett

Primary Teacher

Creative Writing, Leeds University
CELTA, Cambridge University
CELTYL, Cambridge University
PGCE, Nottingham University
Currently studying MA Education and Management, Wrexham University

Professional background:
My first experience in teaching began in Leeds after having obtained a Creative Writing degree from Leeds University. It was voluntary and it involved teaching asylum seekers elementary English so that they could build up the confidence to use it in their everyday lives. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, but I especially valued how they were able to express their cultural backgrounds to me with the English I had taught them.

This motivated me into gaining a CELTA which allowed me to teach in language schools around the world. I chose to teach in Taiwan and then on from there to Spain. I’ve been in Warsaw for over ten years now, and I have taught in language schools and international schools and I continually strive to improve myself as a teacher which is why I am currently studying an MA in Education and Management.

About me:
In my spare time, I like to watch classic and modern British sitcoms and I’m a big fan of satirical shows such as ‘Have I Got News for You’. I’ve also started to rediscover poetry and I spend time reading the works of many poets on the commute to and from work. I still like to flex my Creative Writing muscles on occasion and write plays, short stories and the odd humorous musing on life.

My teaching philosophy:
As a teacher, I believe that pupils gain deeper understanding through application. Even when observing my first students whom I taught many years ago, applying their knowledge to real world situations, I could see how they could grasp the intricacies of their learning through practical applications. That is why I value the fact that involving every child within the classroom gives them the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the work they do in lessons and how that can transfer itself into their personal life.

Agnieszka Makulska

Head of School


BA (Hons),

Agnieszka Makulska joined Thames British School 5 years ago having started her teaching career over 15 years ago in central London. She specialises in the Early Years and has experience in Early Years Centers of Excellence. She has held leadership roles and consultative positions in connection to her early years and primary roles. Previously having worked in the city of London both in advertising, producing commercials and for dot com start-ups as a customer service manager/marketing assistant.

The message she conveys to children “you never stop learning” is just as true for adults as it is for children. It’s what has kept her on her toes and always looking out for ways to improve. It is also what has kept her challenged and happy to the present day.

She has a keen interest in Politics and has delivered speeches in front of over 3000 people. She believes the most enriching things in life are friends, family, conversations over good food, travel and of course wonderful books that take us on amazing journeys.

She is committed to child-centred creative environments that produce improved results and happy children that want to discover the world for themselves and by themselves, with a little support from staff, and parents. When we work together, we get the best results.

Ewa Glowacki

Secondary English Teacher

B.A Hons in English Language
PGCE in secondary English (with QTS)
Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification (TEFL)

Professional background
I started my teaching career at a secondary school in Birmingham, where I taught English Language and Literature to GCSE level.
I have taught pupils from year 7 upwards.
I have taught at many Summer school Language courses based at Oxford Headington, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I improved the pupils’ knowledge of English, as well as made them aware of British culture and heritage.I organised trips around the UK, such as Windsor Castle and The Globe Theatre in London.
I have also taught English at an International school in Dubai and worked for Qatar Petroleum in Doha,Qatar.

About me
I am a busy mum to a teenage daughter. In my free time I enjoy cooking and going to restaurants with friends. I love travelling and have been to Osaka in Japan, as well as flying over the peak of Mount Everest in Nepal.
I also enjoy going to the cinema and reading about famous people.

Teaching philosophy
For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in helping other students to learn. I like to empower students to think critically and creatively, to learn to seek resources to achieve their learning goals.
To develop as self evaluators and to receive constructive feedback about their work. I want students to have a love of English literature and to enjoy improving their language skills.
I feel that a teacher must have an intense passion for teaching!

Adahi Peredo Atilano

Spanish Teacher

BA. in English, UACH Chihuahua, Mexico.
MA. in Asian Political Sciences, Collegium Civitas Warsaw, Poland.
Postgraduate Studies:
Pedagogy, Vistula University, Warsaw, Poland.
Pedagogy of Mexican Folk dance of Amalia Hernandez School of Dance and Fine Arts Faculty of Mexico City.

Professional background:
I started teaching English as a second language during my BA studies in Mexico, and organized cultural activities for American and Canadian students taking part in immersion programmes in my university. After finishing my studies in Mexico, I moved to Poland and continued my MA studies while teaching Spanish to children and adults. I have been teaching for 15 years now, 4 as an English teacher and 11 as a Spanish teacher in Warsaw.

About me:
I am a very open-minded person. I love travelling around the world, trying different cousins and learning about different cultures. I lived in France, Austria and Germany when I was younger and I loved those experiences. Teaching and dancing are my passions, I am a Mexican folk dancer which gives me the opportunity to share the beauty of my culture.

My teaching philosophy:
I do believe in education as the key to changing the world and breaking the chains of poverty. Teaching, to me, is not only about a subject to be graded, but about teaching values that will guide our students’ lives in the future. I would say my teaching philosophy is “have fun teaching and your students will have fun learning”.

Ewa Syta

Early Childhood Education teacher (English)

B.A. in History
Masters of Science in Teaching (M.S.T.) in teaching General and Exceptional Adolescent Students, Social Studies, NYS Professional Certification
Masters in Science in Teaching (M.S.T.) in Childhood and Special Education, NYS Professional Certification

Professional Background:
I earned my degrees at Fordham University in New York City. I have been teaching for seven years in various settings including co-teaching, and working with students of diverse backgrounds. I have worked in private and public schools in New York City. I have also worked with various age groups, from grade 0 up to grade 11. I have taught Childhood Education, Special Education, English Literature, Ancient Civilizations and United States History. I also have experience in teaching Polish-English Dual Language Program.

About Me:
I love to try out new things and master new skills; currently, it is cooking and gardening. Other interests include history, art history, plants and karaoke singing. I love to regularly exercise to stay fit and healthy.

Educational Philosophy:
I believe that each student is a unique individual and that everyone learns in different ways and at different paces. I based my instruction on the strengths, preferences and needs of my students and build on their individual strengths. I believe that the main goal in education is to help a child to discover who he or she already is and help him or her become a confident, independent and successful adult who will lead a happy life as well as who will contribute positively to their communities.

Beata Luniak

Head of Primary and EYFS


Bachelor of Arts,
Master of Arts,
Qualified Teacher Status

Completing her teacher training at the University of Warsaw in 2014, Beata worked as an English teacher during the final year of her MA studies at a private language school in Warsaw. Post-qualification, she relocated to London in 2016 to enhance her skills, attaining Qualified Teacher Status. Working in diverse school settings with pupils from various cultural backgrounds significantly contributed to her growth as a teacher.

In 2017, she accepted the role of Reception Class Teacher at a primary school in Hampstead, London, acquiring invaluable experience and mastering a range of teaching strategies. Returning to Poland in 2020, she assumed a role at Swietokrzyskie In-Service Teacher Training Centre in Kielce, specialising in bilingual education, supporting teachers in developing their knowledge and teaching practices.

Her experiences affirmed her passion for being in a classroom with enthusiastic young learners. Aspiring to work in a school prioritising emotional, creative, and intellectual development, she believes Thames British School aligns with her goals.

Originally from Kielce, Beata enjoys nature and outdoor activities, particularly swimming and cycling. Her profound passion for reading drives her to inspire a love of books, reading, and storytelling in her students.
Advocating for a creative cross-curricular approach, she values making meaningful and innovative links in teaching. Prioritising child-initiated learning, she fosters their ideas, providing challenging, fun activities across various learning areas.

Emphasising the process of arriving at an answer, she engages pupils in discussions, encourages diverse ideas, and enjoys delivering Philosophy for Children (P4C) sessions. Teaching problem-solving and puzzles, she emphasises higher-level thinking skills and resilience. Maintaining high expectations for attitudes and behaviour, she consistently encourages independence, confidence, and responsibility in her pupils.

Charles Wielgus-Barry

Language A Department Head Extended Essay Coordinator English, History teacher

MA in English Literature and History from University College Dublin. Postgraduate studies - Teacher’s Diploma in TEFL. IB Workshop Diplomas in English B, English A and History.

I began teaching English to foreign students in language schools and then in 2004 I became an IB teacher and have worked as one ever since. I have taught English B and History and presently teach English A. I have moved towards the administrative side of teaching to become Head of our First Language Department as well as being the Extended Essay Coordinator.
I have conducted bilingual workshops for teachers in Torun and also I conducted IB Academic Writing, English A and History workshops in Vienna, Austria.

About me: I love mountain climbing and cycling. I love travelling to old and new places and I still long to work in drama which I did some training in years ago and I do creative writing when I have free time.

My teaching philosophy: After teaching for many years I see that teaching is essentially about communicating. If a teacher has the passion s/he will surely have the power! Teaching is sometimes seen as a bureaucratic job but it always must take second place to the love of helping students and the subject that you teach.

Natalia Magiera

Year 3 Teacher

MA Philosophy, Postgraduate Teaching Studies (PGCE/QTS),
Early Years Teacher Status (EYTS), Diploma in Child Care

Professional background:
My teaching journey began over a decade ago in one of the top independent schools in London. I worked in Hyde Park School which then became a part of Eaton Square School. First as a TA then two years later I took an Early Years Teacher position. I also had an opportunity to teach Y1 and Y2 classes. After completing my second postgraduate study (EYTS) I became an Early Years Coordinator and a Deputy Head of Hyde Park School (Eaton Square School). In 2018 I was offered a Head of Early Years position and I had a pleasure and a privilege to run the school for a year. It was a great challenge and a fantastic experience to me but when a year later in 2019, Thames British School in Warsaw called out for me, I decided to try something new. I left London to enrich my experience and to get on with a new adventure of creating a school. Our school – the best place to be!

Liliana Schmidt

Spanish teacher (All groups)

Translator and Interpreter studies in Lima, Peru
Master of education at Framingham State College - degree programme for teachers in American schools overseas.

Professional background:
My first experience was in Germany teaching Spanish at a private school. It was a challenge for me and it motivated me to continue my studies.
When I came to Poland I obtained my master of education and I started to work as Spanish teacher in kindergarten, primary, secondary and IB programme at different international schools in Warsaw. I enjoy living in Warsaw, especially because I realized that I love teaching and it motivates me to improve myself.

About me:
In my free time I like to read, to cook, to listen music, to ride bicycle, to dance and travel with my lovely husband. I like to know different cultures and I enjoy tasting new food.

Teaching philosophy:
I think that every student has the right of a good education in a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. It is my desire to create this type of atmosphere where students can develop their full potential. I will provide a safe environment where students are invited to share their ideas and have fun learning Spanish.
I am very happy to be part of the Thames British school because every teacher is engaged, collaborative and we work in a good team together.

Matthew Eborne

Year 1 class teacher

BoE (Hons) Primary with English specialism Professional background.

Professional Background:
In 2017, I successfully completed the BEd Primary Education degree at the University of Plymouth where I specialised in English teaching. Since this time, I have delighted in taking effective whole class responsibility as a supply teacher in the South West of England. In this role I forged a broad ability to deliver rewarding learning experiences and I secured a reputation as an adaptive, caring and hard working teacher.
I have greatly enjoyed teaching at Thames British School throughout the previous academic year. Teaching in Warsaw has allowed me to further build upon my university studies and supply practice and advance my professional skills. My understanding and experience of; implementing the UK’s National Curriculum within an international school setting; supporting the learning of EAL pupils; and my behaviour and classroom management practice have all grown significantly.

About me:
I am a professional, multi-talented individual who approaches each day with a positive and motivational attitude. Aspiring to help others and the joy of working with children form the bedrock of my teaching journey.

Teaching philosophy:
My teaching ethos encourages every child to take ownership of their own learning through cultivation of critical thinking and exploration. To achieve this, I believe the classroom environment must be an inclusive one which embraces each person’s needs while encouraging the highest expectations. As a trained literacy specialist, I am passionate about applying creative writing, storytelling and drama into my lessons. Such elements entice different viewpoints within a story and inspire children to ask more meaningful questions. This supports deeper understanding of texts and results in richer writing output. For me, the most rewarding aspect of teaching is working alongside the children. I enjoy applying my personal interests of English, history, technology, space and music into my lessons.

Agnieszka Brands

Primary Teacher. Ethics Teacher.

MA in Primary Education, University of Zielona Gora
MA in Theology, University of Szczecin, Zielona Gora Campus
TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language),
The TEFL Academy, London
QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) English Department of Education, London

Professional Background
After I had finished University and completed my masters, I moved to the UK, hoping to improve my teaching practice. I lived and worked in London for eight years where I taught Primary Curriculum to students in Early Years, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. Last year, I began to teach ECE and Ethics at the Thames British School in Warsaw. During the weekends, I volunteer for the humanitarian centre ‘W Akcji’ where I assist refugees and asylum seekers living in Poland.

About me
In my spare time, I enjoy cycling, walking and hiking in the mountains; I have been trekking since I was 7 years old with my brother and parents. This passion, encouraged by my family, has now left me with a life-long love of nature. I would never pass on the opportunity to spend a couple of days in Tatras! When I am not spending time in the wilderness, I enjoy reading classical literature, philosophy and poetry along with drinking a cup of coffee.

My teaching philosophy
I believe that as a teacher I am obliged to enter the school with only the highest of expectations for each and every one of my students. Each child has unique talents, and each can achieve greatness. In order for that to happen, I am responsible for turning my classroom into a safe, caring environment, where children are free to speak their minds and grow academically, emotionally, socially and morally. In my lessons, I encourage students to read reflectively, ask honest questions, and participate in open discussions in order to develop creativity, critical thinking skills and find courage to voice their opinions.

Dan White

Year 6 Teacher

BA in Journalism from the University of Huddersfield
PGCE in Primary Studies from the University of Cumbria

Professional Background
My storied professional background back in radio, following my experiences at the University of Huddersfield. I worked in a range of jobs, including DJing, live sports reporting, and creating documentaries. Following on from there, I worked as a laboratory technician for five years. It was here I really developed an interest in microbiology, which in turn led me to conduct field trip visitations from schools. This in turn gave me the inspiration to return to university, and train as a teacher.
I qualified from the University of Cumbria in my hometown of Carlisle. I worked in a range of different schools before making the decision to move abroad. Following that, I moved to Kraków in 2016, where I worked at a British international school for five years.

About me
I am a massive sportaholic; my true love being football, but I also have a keen interest in cricket and rugby league. On idle days you can often find me watching some niche sport while trying to understand the rules and standings. Coming from the county of Cumbria, it is only natural that I enjoy hiking in the lakes and the fells. I am also a huge “foodie”, with a great passion for cooking, though the results aren’t always Michelin star quality. As a recent development, I have taken up watching independent cinema, with my time in Kraków’s wonderful theatres enabling me to expand this interest.

My teaching philosophy
I have always believed that a classroom environment should revolve around the following: respect, patience, and fun. Respect comes as a given in teaching. The lessons we give our students now will have a profound effect on how they grow later in life, how they interact with one another. Patience comes from respect. Giving students time to understand and nurture their work, which leads into a positive working surrounding. And finally, fun. I strive to make the classroom a safe and exciting learning environment that students look forward to being a part of.

Karolina Peda

Early Childhood Education teacher (Polish Language)

MA degree in the field of Culture Pedagogy
BA in Early Childhood and preschool education.
Certified CLIL teacher
I graduated from the Academy
of Special Education in Warsaw.

Professional Background:
I have been working with kids for about 5 years. First, I worked in preschool, then I started my adventure in Meridian primary school. In the beginning I was a supporting teacher, then I became a class teacher. I also taught Polish for foreigners. In the previous school year I prepared students for various competitions, e.g. The National Test at the end of 3rd grade. In June 2020 I said goodbye to my class which has moved on to the next educational stage. In December 2019, I achieved the teacher’s professional promotion degree: contractual teacher.
I am excited to be a part of the Thames British School team this year.

About me
I am a positive and open minded person. I like to spend my time with friends and my family. I love visiting other countries, learning about new places and cultures. I try to spend my free time actively, e.g. rollerblading or playing tennis.

My teaching philosophy:
I have always known that I want to become a teacher who will take care of students and understand their needs. During classes I create a friendly bond with my students based on respect and equality.

Tomasz Wieczorek

PE teacher

Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw, MA in Physical Education
Post-secondary Tourist and Hotel Studies No.3 in Warsaw, Tourist Service Manager

Professional Background:
I started my work as a teacher in 2002. For almost 20 years I have gained experience as a PE teacher and as a class teacher in middle and high school (in the meantime I have obtained the title of nominated teacher-Nauczyciel Mianowany). In the course of my education I have obtained many qualifications which have helped me a lot in working with young people in an international school: Sport Manager – organization of events; Tourist Service Manager; Swimming instructor; Lifeguard; Yacht skipper patent; First Aid course; Football coach; Football scout. I use the skills I have acquired to organise various events (sports, leisure, etc.) national and international excursions, inter-school competitions. Also, due to my long experience and very good relations with students, I am the person responsible for contacts with our Alumni (Alumni Convention, meetings with current students of outstanding Alumni).

About me:
Normally I like to talk a lot but I'll keep it short: I love this job! And in my private life the most important thing for me is my Family - my wife and two sons!

My teaching philosophy:
Creating individual relationships based on positive emotions:)

Anna Leba

Year 4 Teacher

MA in Polish Philology (Teaching Master's Degree)
Cambridge Certificate in English / QTS, Department for Education, United Kingdom
In 2010 I was awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) within the UK and since then I started to work as a supply teacher in diverse and multicultural primary and secondary schools across London

Professional background:
My teaching journey began in 2008, in the UK. During my first years of living in England I gained valuable experience of working as a Teaching Assistant and as an Exam Invigilator.
In 2010 I was awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) within the UK and since then I started to work as a supply teacher in diverse and multicultural primary and secondary schools across London. Following this, I worked in Our Lady and St.George's Catholic Primary School in Walthamstow for seven years, where I was teaching Lower and Upper KS2 children. I became a subject leader of Geography in 2015/2016 and Maths in 2016/2017. Whilst teaching at OLSG I was approached by Axis supplementary schools and offered the position of invigilator within their company. My role was to focus on the core subjects of both Maths and English in preparation for SATS examinations. I found this post very interesting and furthered this work by becoming a SATS marker with the digital consulting service, Capita Education. I have subsequently supported Capita Education as a marker since 2017.

Teaching philosophy:
'Education is not preparation for life, it is life itself' (John Dewey). My philosophy is to create learning opportunities for all pupils and inspire them to take ownership of their learning and become reflective learners in a real life. Engagement, achievement and enjoyment of all students are of high importance to me, and I try to achieve that through clear differentiation and teaching strategies which accommodate children with different learning styles, interests and needs.
My key strengths are curriculum development, behaviour management and integrating creativity into the classroom. Additionally, I have worked with a wide array of students from different cultures, backgrounds, and English language proficiency levels. I am adept at creating engaging classroom strategies that cater to the needs and abilities of a diverse school environment.

About me:
I am an optimistic, energetic and active person. In my spare time I enjoy yoga, running, cycling and hiking. Travelling is my greatest passion and I find pleasure in long walks on the beach or in the mountains. British Highlands, Scotland and Tatry Mountains are my favourite places in the world.
Occasionally, I like trying out new things like: cooking, baking, gardening or learning how to code.
Other interest include, art, history, going to cinema and theatre.

Marvin Deahan

Head of Secondary


Bachelor of Arts with Honors,
PostGrad Certificate in Education.

Having completed his first year as a secondary teacher in a large Berkshire school, Marvin has diverse teaching experiences at various secondary schools in England. His international teaching ventures include instructing English as a foreign language in Japan and the Czech Republic, along with a stint at a private school in Turkey. For over a decade, he contributed to a large international school in Warsaw, teaching English from Year 7 to Year 13, handling Global Perspectives, and serving as an Exams Officer.

He finds joy in playing and watching football, engaging in cycle rides during the spring and summer. His interests encompass various literature genres, and he enjoys listening to BBC Radio 3 and rock music. A travel enthusiast, he explores new places to uncover their offerings. Despite facing challenges, he aspires to enhance his Polish language proficiency.

He prioritises student engagement, fostering creative and intellectual potential through a range of classroom activities, from individual tasks to group-oriented exercises. Emphasising holistic development alongside academic growth, he believes in shaping well-rounded individuals through education.

Monika Chwesiuk

Head of School


Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts,
PostGrad studies in educational organisation and management,
Qualified Teacher Status.

Commencing her teaching journey in 2008 at a Language School in Warsaw while working on her BA, Monica taught groups and individual students of varying levels, including young learners, teenagers, and adults. Crafting course programs for one-to-one sessions and group classes, she also took charge of creating teaching materials. Progressing to the role of methodologist, she oversaw resources, course programs, and supervised other teachers' work.

Venturing into international teaching, she conducted English classes during summer school in England, covering locations like Bath, Oxford, and London.

Her teaching philosophy incorporates methods such as TPR and Communication methods like Communicative Language Teaching, Community Language Learning, Cognitive Code Approach, Comprehension Approach, Content-Based, and Cooperative Learning. These approaches cater to diverse learning needs, accommodating auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners, along with various multiple intelligences.

Alex Ricker

Y11A Class Teacher / English Teacher (IGCSE)

CAS Coordinator / Chief Editor of the Thames Newsletter.

BA International Relations - Lynchburg College in Virginia
IBPD CAS (Cat 1.)
Cambridge International Online Professional Development. - IGCSE First Language English
8 Years of classroom teaching experience
100hr TEFL/TESOL/TESL certified
Cambridge TKT Young Learners Certificate
Instytut kształcenie zaświadczenie - ADHD & Dyslexia
CPR & First Aid certified

Professional background: I began my teaching career in Shanghai, China where I worked for 2 years at an educational consultant company. We designed courses and then our company would sign contracts with schools all over the Shanghai area. I then came back to the USA for two years in which I focused on providing private lessons to students. I have been in Poland for 4 and a half years in which I have taught at Edison Primary and Thames British School.

About me: I am from the United States. I studied International Relations with emphasis on central European politics and the EU. I love to travel and stay active. I also like animals and food from all over the world.
My teaching philosophy: My teaching philosophy largely stems from a presentation, practice, production method. However I enjoy enabling students to feel comfortable in the classroom. I encourage critical thinking and discovery in my lessons. We work hard but students are able to share ideas that will help mold them into the leaders of tomorrow.

Steven Knight

Geography Teacher with QTS

Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography
PGCE in Teaching Geography
TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

Professional Background:
I qualified as a teacher in 2010 and taught for one year before gaining the opportunity to work in the industry as a Graduate Geologist in Australia, this is where my hunger to work abroad began. I returned home after one year in Australia and after some time working as a fitness professional my hunger for teaching returned. I then embarked on my career teaching abroad, first in Izmir, Turkey but moved to Trinidad, Seville in Spain and also Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. So what brings me to Warsaw? Not just its illustrious history, culture, landscapes and cuisine but most importantly to educate the leaders of tomorrow.

Teaching Philosophy:
As a passionate geographer, my purpose in teaching is to contribute to the molding of students becoming moral, ethical, and globally aware citizens of an ever changing modern world. I promote an energetic holistic approach, encompassing varied teaching styles and resources to reflect historical significance and current global issues. I embrace ICT in my lessons, and use it to promote interactivity and engagement. I am always keen to stress that failure is not an end but a starting point to learning. Students should be encouraged to take risks, ask questions, reflect on experiences and take responsibility. A safe and caring learning environment in my experience, is always more conducive to a pupils happiness, motivation and ultimately academic achievement. It is also my belief that there is an importance on being a lifelong learner as a teacher and to continue striving for excellent practice.

About me:
In my spare time, I enjoy walking and have recently completed a self planned 272 mile hike over 15 days raising money for the Ukraine Charity. Away from hiking I am a keen sports fan and enjoy football and rugby league, following Liverpool and Huddersfield Giants respectively. I have recently renewed my Legia Warszawa season ticket for the new season.

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