We here at Thames British School Warsaw have a great opportunity to take part in the OurKids Expo on Sunday 2nd February. During that time, we will be answering many questions from prospective parents and we thought we’d follow up with a few more valuable questions to ask us (or any other school you may be interested in) along with why it is worth asking them, during the Expo.

What are your class sizes and student-to-teacher ratios?
Smaller classes and lower student-to-teacher ratios often lead to more tailored instruction, and increased student participation, engagement and interaction. Ask about these and how they fit with the school’s overall teaching philosophy and approach.

Who are your teachers?
It’s good to know which teachers are hired by the school, and what qualifications and professional experience they have. Are they open to and do they use new methods? Are languages taught by native speakers? What are the relationships like between students and teachers? How long do teachers typically remain at your school?

How much will it cost to educate my child?
Find out how much tuition is, what’s included, if there are any other expenses, and what these might be. You should also look into how tuition is paid (e.g. in monthly instalments), if there are any discounts, and whether the school provides scholarships.

What extracurricular activities does the school offer?
Extracurricular activities are a great way to round out your child’s education. Find out what extracurriculars are offered, when and how often they’re offered, and whether they’re covered by tuition. Also ask where these activities are held, and if they’re off campus, whether the school provides transportation. Finally, ask if the school offers academic exchanges or trips.

These 4 questions really help to understand our teachers and their passions which they would offer for extracurricular classes. As we aim to expand to become a secondary school Warsaw, we will want to offer the best fees possible to you as a parent whilst offering an amazing teaching experience. Find out more on our teachers, fees and extracurricular activities page.