We here at Thames British School Warsaw have a great opportunity to take part in the OurKids Expo on Sunday 2nd February. During that time, we will be answering many questions from prospective parents and we thought we’d share with you a list of valuable questions to ask us (or any other school you may be interested in) along with why it is worth asking them, during the Expo.

What is your school philosophy?
A school’s philosophy refers to how it approaches education. This includes everything from academics to community, student life and extra-curricular activities. You’ll want to make sure a school’s philosophy is consistent with your beliefs and values about education and schooling.

What type of student are you looking for?
Many schools target certain types of students. For instance, they might prefer students who are highly academic, sporty, artistic, enthusiastic, or mature (or potentially all of these). You should find out which kinds of students a school is looking for.

What curriculum do you use?
You’ll want to make sure your child is a good academic fit for the school. This means finding out about a school’s curriculum, which refers to what material is taught and how it is taught. For bilingual or multilingual schools, ask how much time is spent learning in each language. Also, ask whether the curriculum is implemented traditionally or whether any adaptations are made to it.

Do you focus on children’s non-academic development?
How do you stimulate not just intellectual, but also social and emotional development? Do you develop ‘soft skills’, such as communication, critical thinking, self-confidence, problem solving, and collaboration?

These 4 questions are a good beginning to really understand a school’s ethos. As a British school in Warsaw, we take pride in delivering our curriculum based upon the National Curriculum for England and you can find the answers you’re looking for from us by looking at our about us and curriculum page.