As a British school of Warsaw we would like to share what has been happening with you with weekly updates! This is what has been happening this week in our Piaseczno Campus.

Early Years

This week the EY children created a ‘Moon – small world’ play area. We watched an educational video about the Moon and we learned that it is made of rocks and dust. We talked about the materials that we will need and we decided to use aluminum foil to make the Moon rocks and  tiny, black stones as it surface. We added a few astronauts (including a monkey astronaut!), some rockets, spaceships, satellites and a Moon buggy. Altogether it looked very realistic and the children had a great time investigating it. We also enjoyed a trip to the Fire Station. The children had a chance to talk to the firefighters about their job and to look inside the fire engines. We saw the firefighters sliding down the pole, dressing up (including the breathing mask and an oxygen cylinder) and rushing to put a fire out. We checked how long the hoses are and if we are strong enough to lift up the metal cutters that they use to cut the cars and rescue people from the car accident. It was a fun and very informative trip.


KS1 have been investigating materials for construction and were given the task of building houses. What can we make them from? How can we make sure they stay standing? We started by investigating how we can change materials to suit our purposes. To replicate wattle and daub we needed a material that was sticky and that kept its shape and that would go hard. We tried mixing solids made of small particles with water and found that flour and water would do this. Unfortunately, it didn’t dry hard enough so we mixed it with salt. That worked for our wattle and daub house. We stuck wooden sticks on to represent the design of 17th Century houses that we had observed in pictures. We then wanted to represent a house made of bricks. Sugar comes in cubes and we had found that icing sugar mixed with water would be sticky and would dry like mortar. We needed to use our team work skills to get big jobs done efficiently. This also made it more fun!

Lower KS2

Following their questions they’ve come up with during the interrogation phase of our learning cycle, the lower KS2 students are learning about plants’ life cycles and what they have in common with animals’ life cycles.We’ve decided to germinate peas – we’ve made predictions on which seeds look the strongest or the weakest and we shall take notes and observe their growth. Next week we will draw our conclusions to make better predictions in the future!

Upper KS2

This week Year 5 & 6 have continued looking at Chinese New Year celebrations. We have discovered what is unlucky and lucky for each of our zodiac signs. These things include numbers, colours, flowers and even directions! Here is our finished dragon. The class has resumed reading War Horse, and we used the information in chapter 2 to determine where the beginning of the story was set.