As a Primary school Wolka Kosowska we would like to share what has been happening with you with weekly updates! This is what has been happening this week in our Piaseczno Campus.

Early Years

This week we focused on our listening and attention skills. We played many ‘following the instructions‘ games and we tried to match environmental noises to pictures of an object. The children enjoyed building ‘a real’ spaceship in the classroom. They thought carefully about their creations; they designed where all the buttons and clocks should be and made sure that the door could be locked with a special code. They also had great fun designing and then making the space helmets and booster backpacks. We will need them on our trip to the Moon.


In Year 1 and 2 we have been reflecting on our learning over the last Learning Cycle. We have looked around the classroom at the work we have produced and the things that we have made. We have have also looked through our books. We remembered our activities and identified our learning. We also reviewed our See, Think, Wonder activity from the beginning of our unit and found that wecould answer all but 2 of our initial questions. We stlll want to find out who build London and what is fire?

Lower KS2

Lower KS2 students are moving on to another continent to learn about the animals that live there, how they live and what they eat. This week it’s all about Antarctica 🇦🇶– We revised our knowledge on marine mammals and types of birds. We’ve ended the lesson with a fiction book about two penguins stranded on a melting iceberg. it was a lot of fun!

Upper KS2

This week the class has began to prepare for Mardi Gras as part of our study of Celebration in our Topic and we have looked at Shrove Tuesday and Lent celebrations around the world. We have listened to the music and rhythms of New Orleans Mardi Gras as well as creating some rhythms of our own for our celebration and are designing masks for our parade next week.