The 2024 Green School Trip was a remarkable blend of excitement, adventure, teamwork, and significant growth for our learners. By combining students from various campuses, the trip offered a unique opportunity for them to connect with peers outside of their usual school environment.

The bus journey there was smooth, albeit feeling long due to the excitement. Upon arrival, we settled into our rooms and immediately began our fun team-building activities. Even a sudden rain shower didn’t dampen our spirits; we pushed on to play and enjoy ourselves.

The evening concluded with a bonfire, where we savored sausages and vegetable casserole while singing, dancing, and playing games.

We started the next day full of energy, enjoyed breakfast, and under the supervision of teachers, students spent their free time playing team sports such as volleyball, basketball, and football, minimizing screen time with phones to maximize outdoor exposure.

After lunch, students tried the slackline, participated in new team-building games, and tested their archery skills, aiming for bullseyes. Blessed with wonderful weather, we thoroughly enjoyed the sun and our time outside.

Post-dinner, we played capture the flag and spent a relaxing evening before bedtime.

The following morning, after a delightful breakfast, we kicked off with a QR code game, completing quests by following instructions. This was followed by ultimate frisbee, disc golf, and water balloon volleyball.

Post-lunch, we engaged in an orienteering competition, using maps and compasses to find hidden clues, which helped us all become adept at map reading. Our survival training included making a fire without matches, building a hut, and learning camouflage techniques in nature.

The day ended with a fantastic party, filled with dancing and outdoor games, making it a memorable and exhilarating experience for everyone involved.

Learners on the last day went on a trip to Fort Boyen in Giżycko, Poland. Where they explored its rich history and strategic importance in blocking the passage between Lakes Niegocin and Kisajno as well its role in World War I and II – including serving as a hospital and later housing various enterprises. The visit offered a hands-on historical experience, highlighting military strategies, architectural design, and the fort’s impact on regional and military history in Poland. After all our fun and growth these few days, we began our journey back home to Warszawa.