The British Education System

We aim to provide a top-quality education to children of parents looking to provide their children with a sound footing within the National Curriculum for England.

The National Curriculum for England itself, is a range of knowledge and skill sets taught to children who attend public schools in England. Teachers ensure that the range of skill sets taught should be acquired by pupils at different educational stages within their school life. Additionally, for each subject within the curriculum, the learning objectives and educational requirements for each stage of education are clearly defined. The philosophy of the National Curriculum for England is that it is a crucial part of child’s education. Therefore, it is the core of the school program here at our school.

We here at Thames British School Warsaw understand that English may not be the first language of our pupils. However, we closely monitor our pupils to ensure that, with regards to their previous experience of English as well as their general language ability, we create an immersive educational experience that allows your child to have access to the variety of subjects that the National Curriculum for England offers.

Continuity and Progression

The curriculum is continuous across all key stages and is monitored to ensure there is progression from one year to the next. As pupils move from one key stage to another, there are significant increases in expectations in terms of personal organisation and independent study. Throughout KS2 our pupils are assessed informally on a continuous basis by their class teachers. There will also be more formal assessments which will take place throughout the year and will help to support teacher judgements about each student’s progress.

Equivalence Chart

Starting AgeKey Stage in National CurriculumThames British SchoolPolandUnited StatesChina
2.5-4Early Years Foundation StageNurseryPrzedszkolePreschoolPreschool
4-5Early Years Foundation StageReceptionPrzedszkolePreschoolPreschool
5-6Key Stage 1Year 1PrzedszkoleKindergartenPreschool
6-7Key Stage 1Year 2Klasa 0 / ZerówkaGrade 1Grade 1
7-8Key Stage 2Year 3Klasa 1Grade 2Grade 2
8-9Key Stage 2Year 4Klasa 2Grade 3Grade 3
9-10Key Stage 2Year 5Klasa 3Grade 4Grade 4
10-11Key Stage 2Year 6Klasa 4Grade 5Grade 5