Key Stage 1

Year 1 and Year 2

Our philosophy in Key Stage 1 is to help children to develop as confident, enthusiastic learners, by providing them with an engaging, broad and rich curriculum. We lay the foundations for the academic and social skills that be developed throughout your child’s school career. We construct our curriculum thematically so that subject content is linked. Through English, our language of instruction, we provide them with the opportunity to express themselves clearly and creatively as we believe that learning begins with children’s questions and our teachers will guide your child in finding the answers.

In Key Stage 1, children will be taught the National Curriculum subjects of:


Your child will gain experience in reading, listening to and understanding a range of texts, including fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We implement a phonics programme that will enable your child to identify, blend and decode words and produce their own texts. They will acquire grammar and punctuation skills to give their writing greater depth and precision.


Our Maths curriculum encompasses a range of skills including the number system, calculations, shape and directions. Your child will use their learning about number and place value to help them solve problems in addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, both in calculations and real world situations.


We implement investigative Science from the beginning. Beginning with asking questions, your child will be inducted in using systematic testing and observation to help them learn about the world around them. Your child will investigate: how plants, animals and humans are constructed and behave; how we can use the properties of materials; how seasonal changes affect the weather and the environment.

History and Geography

In the Humanities subjects, your child will investigate factors that contribute to events and places. We will also be looking at significant historical figures. We induct children in collecting and using primary and secondary sources to answer their own questions.

Art and Design

We use art forms and artists as a basis for their work. From this starting point, your child will gain experience in manipulating a range of materials to produce pictures, sculptures and working models.


Your child will have the opportunity to use what they learn in music to contribute to group performances, building collaboration skills. 


Your child will gain experience in safely using apps, programmes and the internet. They will investigate what computers can do and what they can do with computers.

Physical Education

Our sport curriculum develops precision in movement and coordination. Your child will have the opportunity to engage in individual sports and team games.

Equivalence Chart

Starting age Thames British School Poland United States China
5-6 Year 1 Przedszkole Kindergarten Preschool
6-7 Year 2 Przedszkole Grade 1 Grade 1