Our Staff

Robert Burke

  • BA (Hons) PGCE
  • Year 5 / 6 Teacher

Professional Background

For 9 years I was a PE teacher in the Bahamas. I returned to the UK and taught for 16 years from Key Stage 1 to adult Further Education, but mainly as a PE specialist in primary schools. Recently, I have been teaching the National Curriculum for England and IB Primary Years Programme in Europe and Asia.

I moved from the International Trilingual School of Warsaw to Thames British School to take the challenge of helping to start up a new school as I truly believe in the school’s approach to teaching.

About me

As a keen rugby player, I’ve spent many years breaking various bones in my body on rugby pitches around the world. Which is quite an achievement!

I also play guitar and a fun fact about me is that I was Lisa Stansfield’s GCSE music teacher.

My teaching philosophy

Children enjoy success and enjoy sharing it with others and so I feel that it’s my job to make sure they’re successful. I do this by using my experience to create the right environment – safe, interesting and fun. That way the can really flourish and do their best.