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Our Staff

Katie Street

  • BA (Psychology and US Studies), CELTA, PGCE, MEd
  • Headteacher

Professional Background

In my rich and varied career, I have had the privilege to work in a range of contexts. Teaching English as a Foreign Language increased my knowledge of and enthusiasm for the workings of the English language; it was also as an EFL teacher that I first lived in Poland in 1998. To broaden my range in education, I retrained as a Primary teacher. On completing my QTS, I worked with the Voluntary Services Overseas in Ethiopia, where I led a programme to implement active learning techniques and guided colleagues in establishing a pioneer English Language Improvement Programme in a teacher training college. I have since worked in a number of international schools in Romania, Germany, Egypt and Poland, gaining experience in and knowledge of the philosophies underpinning the National Curriculum of England, the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the Primary Years Programme (PYP).

With the fantastic opportunity to lead teaching and learning at Thames British School, I can apply my knowledge of a range of curricula to implement the best aspects to provide a rewarding educational experience for our children. In addition, having experienced and led a variety of educational initiatives, I can use my understanding to implement a sustainable agenda and organisational culture.

About me

The world is a wonderful place which often surprises me. Each country in which I have lived has offered new learning experiences. I enjoy finding out about local cultures and history and I can often be found in local museums. I savour the freedom of open spaces and find them in cycling excursions. Easy access to the Red Sea in Egypt gave me the opportunity to explore the magical underwater world. I like to keep visual memories through photography and later engage in the details through painting.

My teaching philosophy

I believe that people learn better when they are making choices and enjoying themselves. Interest needs to be inspired from a meaningful experience which leaves the child with questions. Ownership of learning is gained when learners set their own agenda, from deciding what they want to learn and planning how and where to find the answers. Through discovery and interpretation, learners make sense of what they have found and want to share this. Time and space needs to be planned in for children to prepare how they will present their learning to people important to them as well as a wider audience.