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Our Staff

Anna-Natalia Jasinski

  • Bachelor in Education
  • Nursery / Reception Teaching Assistant

Professional Background

I am a self-motivated individual with bilingual communication competence both in the English & Polish languages (written, verbal) and interpersonal skills, good organisational skills, patience, self-control, tact, sound judgment, discretion, sensitivity and a positive outlook. By profession, I am a registered Early Childhood Educator with specialised pedagogical preparation earned through the George Brown College & Ryerson University of Toronto Programs. Throughout the course of my professional voluntary and work career thus far, I have catered to parent caregivers, families and their children, offering them special and individualised resource materials according to their specific needs. I have created Toddler, Preschool, and Kindergarten Program Plans, newsletters, documentation panels, brochures, individualised assessment and educational plans, specialised activities and family-oriented inclusive events, family poetry evening cafes, parent-teacher conference meetings and more.

With a five year spectrum of experiences through working in a wide variety of child and geriatric-friendly institutions, some of which include hospitals, retirement residences, government-operated special needs services units, elementary schools and more. My professional interests are focused on psycho-educational and music therapy interactions. Through unequivocal passion and dedication, it is my sincere hope to work within integrated educational settings, assisting children both typically and atypically developing, some of which may face certain calamities throughout their early childhood years.

About me

Through innovative and artistically based methods of intervention which I have practiced in my previous placement settings, I am eagerly prudent for assisting and beneficially accommodating children who require and long for love, compassion, faith and most importantly discovering their own purpose and goals. I have successfully completed the Royal Conservatory of Music in practical and theoretical Piano studies and have been able to place my musical inclination towards working with children who face various physical, emotional, cognitive obstacles in their daily lives.

My teaching philosophy

According to a personal philosophy of life as an interminable journey of formal and informal education whilst on the quest for making meaning of the purpose of life, a significant motto interludes the reception of our human cycle: “All that I know is that I know nothing” (Socrates, 469 BC). Every individual human being is born with a herculean capacity to explore, investigate, learn and develop as innovative creatures. It is my vocation to discover and/or formulate a collaborative network of interdisciplinary, skilled individuals who are equally if not more passionate about conducting research as a foundation towards emphasising the attributed power which Music, the expressive arts in particular, possesses.

I have facilitated and implemented arts-based programs which were individually and group oriented in my professional practices, working within a range of a person’s abilities, developmental stages and ages (from a neo-natal stage to the elderly with chronic illness, terminal disease and dementia); some of which include palliative care units at Sick Kids hospital Toronto as well as Retirement Residences. I have considered and utilised a multi-faceted approach of integrating the arts in the quest to introduce, educate, restore mental and psychological well-being in a variety of environmental care settings, and remain in the process of learning the eminence of self and collaborative evidence-based advantages attributed to the arts. I am confident that my experiences have enhanced my ability to plan individualised activities and resourceful strategies including all Early Years & Lower Elementary age groups, which will complement the needs of each and every individual student at Thames British School of Warsaw.