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Our Staff

Agnieszka Kruszyńska-Ziaja

  • MA Early Years and Primary Education with Early English Teaching, Pedagogy / Postgraduate Studies in Educational Organization and Leadership
  • Head of Polish Curriculum

Professional Background

I took up teaching English back in 2003 and worked in various language schools for over a decade. An adventurous soul as I am, in 2011 I bought a one-way ticket to Spain and stayed there for two years. That is where my preschool and primary school teaching begun. I have worked at international or bilingual schools and preschools ever since, operating within the Spanish, Polish, British and American curriculum; first as a teacher, developing into a team and programme coordinator, and finally running a private nursery and preschool.

Soon enough, I felt that purely administrative work was not my cup of tea, I missed contact with the kids above all. My teacher’s heart was longing for a place where I could work with the little ones and one that would give me a sense of belonging, creating a community with other teachers, parents, administrators. I found it all here, in TBS.

About me

I am a rather active person, so most of my evenings and weekends are about sport. Recently it is mostly running (preparing for my first marathon!), Muay Thai and yoga, but occasionally I also enjoy a simple workout at the gym, a visit to a climbing wall, trekking, biking, kayaking… you name it. Once in a while, my husband and I enjoy some cultural outings or simply long walks with our two adorable dogs in the nearby forest. Last but not least, I am a Spanish language and culture enthusiast; I make great tortilla de papas and visit Spain at least once a year.

My teaching philosophy

There are hundreds of teaching methods and techniques out there, I might find some of them more productive than others but these are merely a way of conveying knowledge. What really matters in education is the relationship between a teacher and a student, based on trust and individual approach. I always strive to get to know my kids, discover what triggers them to act and learn; setting healthy boundaries and letting them grow within them, think critically and negotiate, take over the initiative and look for best solutions. I see myself as a facilitator, helping the children develop their potential instead of shaping them according to a pre-designated mould.