Last Friday we kindly asked the children to come to school in their pyjamas (some staff also took the opportunity to do so!), not because it had been a long tiring week, but because we wanted them to curl up with a good book.

The pupils loved reading so much that we thought we’d give you some suggestions about reading at home with your child.

Try to make time to read to and with our child every day. Choose a time when you are not too busy and when your child is not too tired, so you can relax together – much like the picture above.

Read favourite stories again and again. Children love this.

Build confidence by reading lots of books at the same reading level, and continue to re-read earlier books. if you push children to read books that are too hard, they are likely to lose interest.

Most important of all, if you are relaxed and enjoy reading with your child, that will pass on very strong messages about what fun reading is.