As it is getting close to our Open Days at both of our campuses, we thought we would let you know why Thames British School Warsaw is the ideal place for your child.

Here’s what we offer:

Inspiring pedagogical practice which consists of a safe environment that offers consistency and continuity as well as graduated support for children’s growing independence and capacity for self care. As a result, it enables children to tackle challenges, learn to persevere, and explore methods in which to cope with manageable levels of positive stress.

Children are positively reinforced, redirected and guided towards developing and eventually mastering developmentally appropriate skills through cooperative teacher-student interactions. This is facilitated through flexible schedules which aims to meet the needs, interests and strengths of children to support their individualised holistic well being and engagement.

Our teachers use photographic documentation of children participating in activities and learning experiences to share what the child is learning throughout the course of the day.

Our teachers provide strategic resources on developmentally appropriate activities for families which extend current learning opportunities.

An enrichment program of extra curricular activities is included on a weekly basis which incorporates additional opportunities for children’s development according to their interests. These include music and movement programs, international culinary arts classes, science workshops.

Appropriate materials and equipment are integrated into children’s classrooms which reflect their needs, strengths, interests, cultural backgrounds, and level of development which are accesible in an inclusive and unbiased manner.

Classrooms are equipped with nature, sensory & science discovery-inspired elements accessible to children for extended project-based learning opportunities.

Ours classrooms ensure opportunities for children to explore language and literacy which include diverse people and cultures.

English native speaking staff members expose and encourage children to learn proper pronunciation of terminology, correct grammar use, appropriate syllabic intonation and articulation of thoughts, concepts and ideas.

There is a designated safe space for indoor physical/ GM play experiences.

Innovative smart-board equipment is provided within each class.