We here at Thames British School Warsaw have a great opportunity to take part in the OurKids Expo on Sunday 2nd February. During that time, we will be answering many questions from prospective parents and we thought we’d follow up with the last set of valuable questions to ask us (or any other school you may be interested in) along with why it is worth asking them, during the Expo.

What is your school environment like?
Is it a warm and welcoming place? What’s the student culture like? Do students tend to get along? How are student conflicts handled? Do you provide students with an environment where they can develop their interests, express their opinions, prepare for the future, and face challenges, to help them realise their full potential?

What are your facilities?
Ask about a school’s facilities and resources, and your child’s access to these. Focus especially on those facilities most important to you and your child. Don’t forget about physical activity: ask what kind of access there is to sports facilities, programs, and activities, as well as experts who can support your child’s physical development and health.

What are your admissions requirements?
Is it hard to get into your school, and if so, what requirements do candidates need to meet? Do you have entrance exams and interviews, and if so, what are they like? This information will help your child better prepare for them.

These last set of questions really delve into us as we have developed as a British preschool Warsaw to a secondary school with the same open-minded mentally going forward. We post a lot of content on our social media profiles to make sure that we show you how transparent we are when it comes to delivering the National Curriculum for England. Find out more on our Instagram and Facebook page.