Author: Jacek Wilczyński

The development and well-being of your child – the international kindergarten

Making decisions about the education of your child is not easy, especially if you have to enroll him or her in an educational institution outside of your home country. Such a choice can quite seriously affect further development and daily well-being of your kid. In the case of pre-school children, it is wise to consider a good international kindergarten, which creates great opportunities in practically every aspect of a child’s development.

What is an international kindergarten?

Kindergarten is an educational facility for children aged 3 to 5 or 6. The assumption behind an international kindergarten is that the classes are not conducted only in the language spoken in the area where the kindergarten is located, that children usually come from different cultures and nationalities and they use or learn different languages. An open approach to classes and original curriculum allow for the integration and playing together of kids; thanks to this, consistent development and a good mood of every preschooler is ensured. For a child who does not live in his or her home country, it is of great importance because – among children who are in a similar situation – they do not feel alienated. International kindergartens use modern methodology and curriculums based on specific principles, often common to many institutions in different parts of the world.

What to focus on when choosing an educational facility?

As a parent in the face of a choice of a place where your child will spend a substantial part of the day and have their first experiences in learning and dealing with peers, you should weigh up the available offer mindfully. The distance between the kindergarten and your home, the amount of the tuition or the opening hours should not the only important factors. Before making a decision, it is good to ask what kind of a curriculum the kindergarten employs, how the classes are run and what is the system of evaluation. It would be also helpful for the child to have an opportunity to take part in an open day or demonstration classes to see if they feel good in a given environment. The additional classes and the community created by the kindergarten’s staff and parents may also be an important factor.


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