We’ve been having a lot of fun at Thames British School during the Summer Holidays, see what we’ve been up to between 17th June – 9th July 2019.

17th June 2019:

Today we had a visit from the marvelous Rob the Magician. The children were astounded by the many magic tricks that he performed. We hope that they might even be curious enough to try these tricks at home.

25th June 2019:

We are certain about the fact that painting plays an important role in developing children’s motor skills. Yet, our teachers know it is also crucial to let the kids paint while standing and moving their bodies freely, changing positions and experimenting with different angles. Not only does it influence their gross motor skills, it also allows their muscles and perception skills to discover new links with each other. Today, the focus was not art itself but the sheer pleasure of painting outside, sharing space and creating together.

1st July 2019:

The first day of our Summer School is over but we’re already looking forward to tomorrow’s fun activities! Sports and movement, arts & crafts, sensory play, outside games – we have it all!

3rd July 2019:

Week 1 is mainly about water, so we did some water experiments, ice excavations, and a refreshing water balloon fight. We spent the rest of the time engaging in physical activities (it’s zumba time!), playing outside and doing some art, which should essentially be a part of a child’s daily schedule, during a school year or on holiday.

4th July 2019:

Little Master joined us at our Summer School and the children took part in creating some magnificent pieces of artwork using the Ebru method. So many wonderful pictures to proudly display at our Piaseczno Campus.

4th July 2019:

Animals-related crafts are a great opportunity to talk about the differences between real animals and the way our imagination can depict them. Music can also soothe the savage beast (or animal!), that’s why we invited Music Hub to ensure that a calm, sunny and tuneful afternoon was had by all.

5th July 2019:

Flying kites, doing the elephant dance, creating beautiful paper sea turtles, exploring the science behind rain and getting all foamy afterwards – this is what our Friday was all about.

8th July 2019:

The sun came out today for us at Thames British School Warsaw! It was brief but it allowed us to start our theme for the week which is ‘fire’. We drew some sun pictures, played with sand and even had a visit from a film crew.

9th July 2019:

Day 2 of our “Fire” themed week. We did some pretty cool experiments with fire and heat, including popping balloons with a candle flame! The sun craft is all done and looking marvellous on our display board. We also had plenty of fun on the playground and enjoyed some zumba classes!