As a Primary School Piaseczno we would like to share what has been happening with you with weekly updates! This is what has been happening this week in our Piaseczno Campus.

Early Years

This week we focused on hand-eye coordination through lots of threading and hammering activities. We searched for the initial sound of our names and we threaded string through pre-made holes. Using little wooden blocks, nails and a hammer we created some beautiful pictures on cork board. We have also been learning about Space and we know that there are eight planets in our Solar system. We are learning a song as well as some facts about each of them. We also made the planets out of cardboard for our display and to show it to you during the Learning Celebration Day next week.


We have been investigating the context of The Great Fire of London. By looking at portraits from the 17thCentury, we can say that the fashions were different. The men had long, curly wigs and they wore big collars. The women wore their hair a little bit up and they wore big dresses. We learnt a text by using actions to help us. Then we wrote it in our books, sounding the words out. Finally, we could write a new text for a different character. KS1 have done a lot to be proud of!


Lower KS2

At Thames we are all about hands on experiments and since Lower KS2 are talking about life cycles in general, and butterflies in particular, we are taking care of a fat caterpillar, who’s confused about the past few warm days. We’ve tried to identify the kind of moth or butterfly it will turn into, but so far we can only predict that it should turn into a pupa soon and it will probably be a moth.
We’ll keep you posted about its future development! In the meantime, we’re trying to find juicy leaves for it to eat!

Upper KS2

This week the Upper KS2 students have all read chapters 3 & 4 of Warhorse. The class then wrote an empathetic story from the perspective of a horse about being sold to a new owner. We also looked at some of the issues raised about the First World War and especially the role of animals in cavalry and artillery regiments.