As an international school Warsaw we would like to share what has been happening with you with weekly updates! This is what has been happening this week in our Piaseczno Campus.


The EYFS children continued to learn about Space. We talked about the biggest objects in our sky, the Moon and the Sun. we learned that the Sun is a star that is very close to our planet. We sang songs related to our topic and we pretended that we were astronauts zooming through the galaxy and landing on the Moon. It was great fun! This week we were also celebrating Chinese New Year. The children watched a ‘shadow theatre’ performance about the story of 12 animals and their race. In art and crafts, we made Chinese dragon puppets and some lanterns. We also tried to write some Chinese letters which was a great challenge but also a fun activity! In Maths, we focused on number ordering and recognition. In Phonics, we tried to identify the initial sound in words and we practiced how to write them down.


Year 1-2 have been extending their understanding of the Great Fire of London. Let us take you back to the beginning of the week. We investigated different materials made of small particles – coffee, soil, sand, icing sugar, salt and flour. We observed by looking carefully, describing how they felt, identifying that there wasn’t much sound and understanding that in Science, we should not taste them, but how can we change them so that they keep their shape? We added water, using the Scientific Method to draw conclusions. Now we are ready to use our knowledge! We made salt dough to make a building material with which to construct our Stewart houses. We can’t wait until they dry so we can see the effect! How do we know they will not crumble back to powder? Our Science investigations!

Lower KS2

On Friday, January 24 our entire Piaseczno campus will celebrate Chinese New Year by preparing decorations, making and eating vegan spring rolls after learning how to use chopsticks, writing and performing a play together with the students from KS1 and KS2 and other surprises. Since one of our students will not be in Warsaw next Friday, we have decided to prepare another script for a shadow puppet show that we will make a movie from to show to the other children in the school.

Upper KS2

It’s Chinese New Year at the weekend and this week the class had been making preparations to celebrate It on Friday. We have looked at and written about all the customs around the New Year celebration: special clothes, special food and even haircuts! We have made decorations and lucky money envelopes (hopefully to be filled!). However we are proudest of our dragon which was paraded around the school on Friday. The picture shows the class beginning construction of the dragon.