Author: Jacek Wilczyński

International kindergarten – teaching program directed towards students from abroad

Moving to a different country is a huge stress – especially for a small child. To avoid culture shock and accustom them to the new place and language, the choice of an international kindergarten is well-advised.

What is an international kindergarten?

An international kindergarten is a place for children from different cultures, and different parts of the world, to learn. Children from families which care about teaching languages, also attend this type of a school. These institutions’ main goal is to develop different language skills. Polish is not the primary spoken language, depending on the profile it might be English, Geman, Spanish or any other (also a few different, in any configuration!).

Does an international kindergarten disturb adapting to the Polish conditions?

Not at all. Foreigners’ children have plenty of occasions to encounter Polish language and culture. It is important to note that in a traditional, Polish kindergarten being the only ‘different’ child in the group will not speed up the adaptation process, but might cause that the child is unhappy and alienated. In an international kindergarten there is no such thing as ‘different’ – it is a tolerant, multicultural place. Even considering this, Polish teaching program is realized, thanks to which children are prepared for the primary school.

What are the advantages of an international kindergarten?

The main advantage of this solution is to help the child with a fresh start in a foreign country. It does not deepen the feeling of alienation, but shows that the child is part of the society. This way the child is also taught how to behave in a multicultural environment, which is very appreciated in today’s world. The teachers are also qualified to work with children from different cultures and can sympathize with the youth. International kindergartens are viewed as a prestigious place which often attract the attention of Polish families.


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