Author: Jacek Wilczyński

Enroll your foreign-speaking child in the international kindergarten

Living in today’s world, we are witnessing a wonderful phenomenon called globalization. Unfortunately, this also involves a lot of additional responsibilities which are not always easily coped with. Even if you do not leave your homeland, you are often confronted, for example at work, with the necessity of knowing foreign languages and the specific character of other cultures. It is parents’ responsibility to prepare their children to perform their professional roles and to effortlessly find their place in the modern labor market.

A multilingual child

If one of the partners is a person from another country, the child often has an extraordinary opportunity to acquire two languages from the first years of his or her life. The same is true about toddlers who immigrated to another country with their parents. In this case, it is worth cultivating this great advantage he or she has over their peers and enroll your toddler in the international kindergarten, where they will have day-to-day opportunity to study and play in a language other than that heard on the street, they will easier adapt to the new environment and will have the chance to gradually develop their linguistic competences.

We have to remember that for a little child the main disadvantage in a new country is the inability to speak and understand the language. In this case, attending an ordinary kindergarten and the need to communicate in a foreign language can be very challenging – in traditional activities the child will not have the chance to learn the language from the basis, because such classes are meant for native kids. Being unable to communicate increases the sense of alienation and anxiety, and that is why the international kindergarten, where the child can quickly acclimatize and gain confidence, is so important.

Getting familiar with other cultures

Being in the company of representatives of different cultures allows us to get used to their unique character and open ourselves to new experiences and acquaintances. In international kindergarten, children from different countries bring original and unique values to the group. Children in such kindergartens are known for their openness and much higher interpersonal skills, which help them cope better with the challenges of today’s world.


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