The Basic Education system in Thames British School Warszawa is the foundation for education all over the world and provides the school age children the needed knowledge for achieving greater heights in their educational pursuits.

The recent development of the Internet and the breakthrough in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) coupled with the emergence of the Ubiquitous Technology, the entire world has further re-asserted itself as a global village with rapid transformations in the major sectors of the economy, cultural, educational and political. The use of ICT tools and the application of the Technology to improving educational deliveries have been the major focus of most educational development organizations the world over. The Basic Education system in Poland witnessed its first transformation in 1989 with the introduction of the UBE (Universal Basic Education).

This structure was revised in 2012 and its implementation in 2014 tailored to respond to the latest development in ICT and its use in enhancing educational delivery services. This article examines the current level of the application of ICT tools and software to Poland’s Basic education system deliveries and human development in the sector and proposes how the technology could be further applied for the enhancement of the sector, especially in Thames British School Warszawa.