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Where is a good location for primary schools in Warsaw?

At Thames British School we feel that a location that is quiet and conducive to learning is a good location for a primary school. We have new fully equipped primary school at our Piaseczno campus.

What is a preparatory school?
An independent school preparing children up to the age of 11 or 13 for entry into secondary independent schools.
What ages are children who attend early school education?
Our early years programme caters for children between the ages of 3-5 years old.
Does your school provide lessons in English for children?
Our whole school curriculum is centred around the National Curriculum for England and english language is a large part of the learning process at Thames British School.
Do you have a kindergarten in Warsaw?

Yes we have two kindergarten locations in Warsaw. Our schools in Ochota and Piaseczno each have early years, pre school and kindergarten classes.

Do you have private schools in Warsaw?
We only provide private fee based school education. Our faculty are highly trained and qualified and go through a rigorous interview and testing process.
How does your school build and encourage child development?
Thames British School has a core set of values that both teachers and students work to. We encourage your child to be inquisitive about what they are learning and giving them the chance to build confidence by showing their work to other teachers and students. This gives them the confidence to interact and develop.
Which of your schools has an English kindergarten?

Both of our schools have an English kindergarten. Our students come from a wide mix of countries so English is the common language.

As well as education, which children's games do you use to educate my child?
We like to use arts and crafts and various intellectual games to stimulate and educate children. Getting children to play with building blocks as a numbers tool really helps a child to become confident in mathematics. Outdoors, we like children to be active with ball games to help with balance and physical development. And kite flying is a great way to educate a young child about the elements and other basic scientific principles.
Do you provide games for children in kindergarten?
Our teachers are always looking at various ways to make the education process fun, so we use board games to help in that process.
We are an international family, how does integration work in your kindergarten?
At Thames British School we have many international students and families. Integration is a key issue for any new student. Why not come along with your child and pay us a visit. we’d love to show you around.
What is a kindergarten?
Kindergarten is a preschool educational approach based on playing, singing, practical activities such as drawing, and social interaction as part of the transition from home to school.
What is a private kindergarten?
A private kindergarten is an educational school that is fee based. You can find the costs of private kindergarten here.
How many private schools do you have in Warsaw?
We have 2 private schools in Warsaw. We have our early years education pre-school and Kindergarten based in Ochota and we have a joint early years and primary school based in a quiet location in Bobrowiec which is very close to Piaseczno.
Does Thames British School provide pre-school and early school education?
Yes both our school campuses have pre school and early education admissions. Give us a call to find out more or book an appointment to come and visit us.
How many children are in your kindergarten classes?
Our classes are kept to a maximum of twelve students. This is to allow the child to develop in a small group and so that the teacher can provide individual support and learning when needed.
Does Thames School have a foreign language kindergarten?
Our pre school and kindergarten are very much foreign language based with English as the primary language.
How does a private school differ from a public school?
Private schools are fee based and public schools are free of charge. Private schools have small class sizes whereas public schools have classes up to 30 students which makes individual help impossible for the teacher. Private Schools are normally found in quieter secluded locations.
Do you study any other languages in school?
Yes, as part of the curriculum, we offer Spanish from Nursery to Year 6 as well as compulsory Polish lessons.
What are the best primary schools in Warsaw?
There are many good primary schools in Warsaw, both private and public. The issue comes down to how these schools are funded with private schools being funded by the companies that run them and public schools being funded by local government. Government funded schools do lack the facilities of many private schools.
How much does it cost for a private kindergarten?
The cost of a private kindergarten varies greatly depending on which city you are based in. In Warsaw the annual costs range from 12,000 PLN per year to 40,000 PLN per year. Cost is an important question and we always advise parents to view a number of schools before making a decision. Feel free to contact us for advice.
Are you the only British school in Warsaw?

No, there are many British Schools in Warsaw. Some are much larger with many hundreds of students like the British School in Wilanow and others much smaller, like our early years campus in Ochota. Finding a school for your child is not an easy task, and we advise parents to make sure they research all the options available.

What is the level of English required for a child to obtain a place in the school?
For children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception), previous knowledge of English is not required. From Year 1 onwards, we conduct an interview with your child in English. From Year 3 to Year 6, we test the level of English (oral and written) prior to the child´s acceptance in the school to make sure that the child will be comfortable in the class.
Are all of your teachers native speakers?
Yes, they are all native level English speaking teachers, qualified and experienced within the National Curriculum for England.
Does the school have children from other nationalities?
Yes, we offer an international environment, welcoming students from all nationalities. We currently have over 15 different nationalities at our school.
What is the age range you currently have in your school?
We currently enrol pupils from Nursery up to Year 6. In September 2020, we will be continuing all the way to Year 9 at our Piaseczno Campus.
What is the school schedule?
In Early Years and Primary School classes start at 09:00 and finish at 15:30.
Does the school offer after school activities?
Yes, we believe that there are social, physical and psychological advantages for children who participate in after-school activities. At Thames British School Warsaw, we offer some extracurricular activities that are for free, which are delivered by our native English speaking teachers and others that are provided by external professionals for an additional cost.
We like to offer a variety of activities to children in order that they can try different things and further develop their skills and knowledge.
The activities that we currently offer to our students can be found on the website.
Are meals cooked at school?
Yes, all meals are freshly cooked in the school. We provide a healthy and balanced diet.
The children are also provided with a snack in the morning and after school for those children staying for after school care. The snack consists of items such as fruit, yoghurt, sandwiches and fruit juice.
Is there a school bus service?
Yes. We provide transportation from an external transportation service which collects children at the beginning of the day and drops them off after the extracurricular activities are completed. You can get more details on the website
Are there any activities for parents at the school?
Not at the moment, however, we believe in building a community where parents and staff collaborate to offer the best opportunities for our students. For this reason, we are looking into creating a PTA as well as co-operating with local organisations to encourage parents to become part of a local and friendly community.