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The entire faculty and team of dedicated staff members at Thames British School residing in Ochota Warsaw welcome ALL registered and potentially new parent caregivers, families, friends and local community members to our second official Open House. At Thames British School, the Board of Directors and Native Anglophone Staff of Designated Early Childhood Educators believes that children are competent, capable, curious and rich in potential and that every individual child deserves a safe, warm and caring environment; a place in which children genuinely and ultimately thrive in and want to be. We strongly believe in developing and maintaining open, honest and trusting relationships with our children, families, staff, volunteers, intern students and community partners as a source of working collaboratively and cooperatively to ensure the highest quality of service, care, support and best practice in an early learning environment. At TBS, we are committed to parent caregivers and families having the support available, affordable, safe, reliable, high standard quality early childhood educational programs for children which ensures You with the sanctity of peace of mind when You’re required to attend and meet the work/life/career obligations. We view our parent caregivers as experts of your own children which are entitled to be approached with respect and be provided the opportunity to engage in your child’s well-being.

This is precisely why, Thames British School sincerely and openly welcomes You ALL to join our team on Wednesday. November. 14th 2018 between the convenient hours of 10:00am-12:00! Throughout the course of these two hours, You will witness an illustration of the children’s daily transitional routines, developmentally appropriate practices, multidimensional facilitated activities which promote children’s social, emotional, physical, literacy/language/ communication, cognitive skills through the strategic and aesthetically pleasing curricular implementation. Through Your active participation, intervention, engagement and involvement in such specialized events You are contributing towards the development of a life-long, uniting partnership with Your child which will ultimately enhance the holistic state of wellbeing for Your child!

We Look forward to sharing and making meaningful memories with You and Your beloved Children!