TBS Warsaw is a newly opened School located in a quiet, residential area of Warsaw. Thames British school of Warsaw is an early years education centre for children between the ages of three and seven – Nursery to Year 2. Our students are from both Polish and International backgrounds

The aim of the school is to provide a warm, happy and challenging atmosphere where children can derive pleasure from learning and achieving their personal goals. The emphasis is on the individual, so that all of the children, regardless of strengths and weaknesses, colour, creed or sex, feel valued and able to reach their full potential.

TBS Warsaw aims to have an excellent reputation for bringing out the best in pupils of varying levels of ability and ensures that each child is able to receive the individual attention he or she needs. The emphasis is on building confidence and self-esteem through a healthy, positive attitude towards learning.

A few words about THAMES BRITISH SCHOOL in Warsaw

TBS Warsaw is a great place for children and their parents. Thanks to the appropriate study program and friendly, well-qualified staff, this language kindergarten prepares the child for life and further education.

The School is located in a quiet district of Warsaw which is close to office and business complexes at the same time. It is located at 5 Usypiskowa Street in Ochota, Warsaw. This is a modern educational centre offering classes for pre-school youth, as well as for children up to 2 year old. Our students come from all over the world.

The main goal of the School is providing a warm and cheerful atmosphere as well as enabling children to learn about the world at a pace suited to their age and to their abilities. We want children to enjoy studying to the fullest, encourage them to take on new challenges and pursue their own goals, as well as make new friends. We focus on the individual and help to develop passions and interests, as well as to overcome difficulties. It is important to us that each child feels appreciated and is able to fully use their potential.

Thames British School offers:

Experienced teachers and native speakers

A teacher is a person whose role is not only to implement the curriculum but also to encourage children to overcome barriers, take on challenges and achieve different goals. The teacher can, thanks to the experience and skills of working with children, encourage them to develop their passions and interests which will help the child to better understand the world around them. In our institution, we employ teachers for whom working with children is not only a way to carry out a personal career path. Native speakers are experienced educators, perfectly aware of what challenge they are facing. Our key rule is having an individual approach to each and every child, choosing the right learning methods and solving the problems encountered. The implementation of the curriculum is aided by a warm, family-like atmosphere, as well as excellent equipment that everyone can use. At TBS Warsaw children from all over the world are under the care of teachers who are ambitious and have natural skills of passing on valuable knowledge.